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Symbolism And Irony Of The Story Of An Hour

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This story shows both irony and symbolism to a better image of how the character felt. Irony is what the opposite of what it was intended. Symbolism is any object, person, place or experiences that represent more then what it is. All three irony`s where use in the story which were verbal, dramatic, and situation. Verbal irony is when a twist on words is use in the story. Dramatic irony is when the reader knows something that the character does not know. Irony of situation is an unexpected activity takes place that is the opposite of what the characters and audience expects.Irony is used the most in the story and is showed when Mrs. Mallard is in the room cry but she isn’t crying for husband but crying over that she is freed at least from the dreadful marriage. Another example is when her husband walking in the door and Mrs. Mallard sees him and dies but dies because she was shocked her husband was alive and that was going to be sad for the rest of her life.
The character in the story is Louise Mallard and she has a heart problem and she can`t take things easily. Her husband loved her to death and he still thinks that right after her death. She wanted to start a new life without her husband but later found out and died of the shock of her husband at the front door. Her emotional problems were the new life she was going to start and the freedom that is about to come to her. “Sobbing came up her throat and shook her as a child who has cried itself to sleep and continues to sob in its dreams”. She cried over things she wanted to happen to her so bad and the freedom that came with it. She wasn’t emotional strong to take bad news but when her husband died she didn’t cried for his death. She cried bec0.ause she was going to be free at last and be able to do all the thinks she wanted to do without her husband in her life. In addition she had physical heart trouble. For example “Knowing that Mrs. Mallard was afflicted with a weak heart”. She had a weak heart and she couldn’t take anything that would affect her in a big impact to her heart. Like at the end of the story when she found out that her husband was still alive and died she see laid eyes on him. She died because she saw all her thought of her future past right by her and couldn’t take the thought of being back with her husband. Another example is when they told her about her husband death but they wanted to tell her without hurting her in anyway. When they told her about her husband death, all she did was go to her room and cry but she cry for her freedom and that’s when her heart gleamed with joy. Bentley Mallard was Louise Mallard husband and he loved her to death and showed her everyday how he felt about her. But he loved his wife too much that she ended up losing her feeling for him but he had no clue. When she died he thought she died because she was so happy her husband wasn’t dead. Mr. Mallard was known as a nice and strong man from other people’s point of view. Mr. Mallard was such a...

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