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Jill McCorkle, along with Bobbie Ann Mason often use the symbolism of a short story to further the meaning of the piece. In the short story “Shiloh”, Mason uses Leroy and Norma Jean to exhibit a further meaning of the story by effectively using symbolism. In addition to “Shiloh”, McCorkle also uses symbolism in her story “Cats” to symbolise how cats can be related to humans in multiple ways. McCorkle describes the relationship between two cats, Pumpkin Pie and Possum, and their two human counterparts, Anne and Abbott, and how they share similar characteristics. In works such as “Shiloh” and “Cats”, symbolism furthers the meaning of the story and leave the interpretation of the work up to ...view middle of the document...

7). Norma Jean is tired of Leroy talking about fixing their marriage when in truth, their divorce is inevitable, a concept which Leroy is unfamiliar with. Along with this excerpt, Mason uses adequate examples of symbolism throughout the story for the reader to interpret how Norma Jean is tired of being married to Leroy, and the only way to relieve herself of his presence, is to spontaneously leave him.
In “Cats”, McCorkle also uses symbolism to discreetly insert a deeper meaning in order to allow the reader to fall deeper into the the story.Symbolism can also be used to allow the reader to relate to the story by showing past experiences and troubles. One passage from “Cats”, explains, “Without ever looking under the wrappings, she put the body into her biggest Tupperware and sealed the lid; she could not stand the thought of some hungry creature digging up what little bit remained” (McCorkle 102). Authors often use past events to symbolize a moment in their life that was impactful. In an interview with Jill McCorkle, conducted by Sherry Ellis, McCorkle revealed the true meaning of “Cats” by explaining “The whole idea for "Cats" was inspired by my family losing a favorite cat and actually burying him in Tupperware in my yard (I was afraid he'd explode). So, in real life there was the loss of this cat, which made me think about other cats, particularly one from...

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