Symbolism In Rose For Emily And Good Man Is Hard To Find

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Symbolism and IronyFlannery O 'Connor's "A Good Man is Hard to find" and William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily" both contain irony and symbolism. In "A Good Man is Hard to Find" by O'Connor uses symbolism while "A Rose for Emily" by Faulkner uses more irony.O'Connnor uses symbolism and irony in several places throughout the story in "A Good Man is Hard to Find". The story starts with a road trip of Bailey family that shows irony with many symbols throughout the story, most of which involve death. For example, the family passed a large cotton field with about five or six graves and there are six members of the Bailey family. The graves are described as "fenced in the middle of it, like a small island" (499) and are showed when they are surrounded by the Misfit and his henchmen. Another important symbol that is shown is that the plantation house with six white columns after they pass the town of Toombsboro which suggest a tomb or a graveyard. The most important symbol is that they travel down a dirt road that is full of hills and has ''sudden washes," (500) with sharp curves which is parallel to a road towards Hell. After the Baileys stop at an accident, a new chain of symbols occur. At first glance of the Misfit; he is described as a "big black battered hearse-like automobile" (501) with "a steady expressionless gaze" (501), which he represents death. While talking to the grandmother, the Misfit pointed his shoes to the ground and makes a hole, which looks like a burial. The Misfit's action of digging and covering a hole with his shows that the Baileys were about to die. With all the symbols in the story, it is easy to tell that Flannery O'Connor is Catholic. During the conversation between the grandmother and the Misfit, there are things said about Jesus and praying. The grandmother even preaches to the Misfit to restore his humanity even though she knows that he will kill her. In parts of the story, a cloudless sky is mentioned several times. The clouds represent the grandmother's shallow faith; and after the Misfit's entrance, the clouds haven't been seen as her faith in God fades away which in my opinion was ironic.In the short story "A Rose for Emily", by William Faulkner, symbolism is used frequently to show insight to hidden meanings in the story. Faulkner uses a rose to symbolize love and secrecy. Emily's house is also used to symbolize Emily as a monument, alienation, and death. Lastly, the strand of hair left on the pillow symbolizes love lost and a life of decay. The rose is a symbol for love. In the story, Homer is the "rose" or love for Emily. Emily's father sheltered her and believed no man was good enough for her. Emily wasn't given...

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1213 words - 5 pages the father having everything bottled in to finally the grandmother and her many problems such as being judgmental to others. If they were the “typical” family all this could have been avoided, or at least gone a different way to where they could keep their lives. Works Cited Bloom, Harold, ed. ""A Good Man Is Hard to Find"." Bloom's Literature. Facts On File, Inc. Web. 6 Mar. 2014

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1012 words - 5 pages The character of the grandmother from A Good Man is Hard to Find, was manipulative and self-centered. She also seem conflicted in that she clearly tries to portray herself as a “lady” and religious with high morals, but the actions of this character do not seem to support this. The character serves as an antagonist as her character causes a majority of the controversy for the story. She is motivated by the desire to get her way, often

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587 words - 2 pages Have you ever assumed that someone is a really nice person, but once you got to know the person you realized that you were wrong? In "A Good Man is Hard to Find" the Wesley family and their grandmother are on their way to Florida. Along the way, the grandma was explaining to her son, Bailey that she did not want to go to Florida because there was an escaped convict, whom they called Misfit, on the loose. It had been suspected that he was headed

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