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Many of the symbols in novels seem far-fetched to readers whose lives are not planned out by a writer, however, Timothy Findley manages to use symbols in The Wars to provide for a meaningful story and cause readers to reflect on the similar symbols in their lives. The symbolism in the novel is representative of Robert Ross and allows readers to dive deeper into the world of an innocent boy who is placed into a cruel war. The various symbols in The Wars provide for a graphic and reflective reading experience by emphasizing Robert’s connection with nature, his past, and his experiences during the war.

Throughout the book, it is shown that Robert has a special connection with animals and the environment. The many animals he encounters throughout the story are symbols which reflect on him and his actions. After Robert kills the German sniper, he feels guilty for taking an innocent life. This is reflected in nature by the bird which “sang and sang and sang, till Robert rose and walked away. The sound of it would haunt him to the day he died.” (Findley 131) This scene uses the readers’ knowledge of Robert’s deep emotional connections with animals to emphasize the sadness and guilt that he felt after shooting the German. Robert is often shown as innocent and caring, traits he shares with animals. Rodwell realizes this and draws a picture of Robert in his sketchbook (otherwise full of animal sketches), although “the shading was not quite human” (Findley 138). In the sketch, Rodwell is able to show both the human and non-human side of Robert. Finally, Robert’s strong love for Rowena is because of her innocence. As a result of her disability, she is innocent and naïve like a child or animal. It is in these qualities that Robert finds hope and sees the good in the world. After her death, he joins the army because of his guilt and lost hope. The role of nature in The Wars is pathetic fallacy, Robert is so engulfed in nature that nature itself reflects his character.

Many of the symbols in the novel remind Robert of his troubled past. Some of the symbols in the book appeal to both the reader and Robert, exacerbating his struggles. When tasked to shoot an injured horse, Robert is clearly troubled as he “had never squeezed a trigger against a living creature in the whole of his life” (Findley 57). Moreover, the horse was a symbol of Rowena, an innocent person who had died because of her disability. At the brothel, he also experienced shame which was associated with the death of Rowena. Instead of watching over her, he was “[m]aking love to his pillows”(Findley 16). As a result, he is very insecure about his sexuality and his private life in general. The scene where his is sitting in the bathtub...

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