Symbolism In When It Rains…It Pours

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Every book has one thing in common, symbols. This book seems to use nature as its symbols. The rain is one of the most significant symbols in the book. The rain can mean many different things, but all serving as bad effects. The rain is an important part of this book because it tells the reader more about the things going on throughout the novel.The rain is the most significant symbol in the book. The novel portrays rain as something bad or something bad that is going to happen. It is used in many different ways. In the novel rain is represented as good and bad. In the beginning of the novel it was dry, this is the period where Henry meets Catherine and his army is winning the war. This would be considered the good. Once it becomes wet in the novel Henry's army is forced to retreat and Henry eventually looses Catherine in the rain. Another hint that rain is going to mean something bad in the novel is when Catherine says,"I am afraid of the rain because sometimes I see me dead in it." As you progress through the novel you see more about how rain is symbolized as bad.Rain is also a use of foreshadowing and a representative of death, grief and pain. Amyo's death is foreshadowed when he says," We drink now. To-morrow maybe we drink rainwater." The rain also foreshadowed that something bad was going to happen to Catherine. As soon as Catherine told Henry that she pregnant and going to have a baby the novel states," It turned cold that night and the next day it was raining." After Amyo dies Henry says," He looked very dead. It was raining." The rain is symbolizing Henry's...

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