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Harper Lee use of symbolism is extent and throughout the major events in To Kill a Mockingbird to show the details behind the events. A seven-year old girl, Scout, tells the story and symbols may not be as obvious to her as it would the reader. Lee uses the camellias, courage, and the mockingbird as important symbols in the book. Lee uses symbolism throughout the book making it overt and obvious.
The camellias are two different symbols in the book. Lee uses them for Jem and Mrs. Dubose. Jem’s action of cutting the heads off Mrs. Dubose’s camellias show that his is still young and rash, he acted out of anger which later changes throughout the book. After Mrs. Dubose dies, she left a camellia for Jem, but Jem being immature, cannot realize that good and evil can live in the same person. The camellias symbolize for Mrs. Dubose that good and evil can live in the same person but to find the purity in people you have to dig down deep and pull the roots up. She left him the camellia as a good gesture to tell Jem that she appreciated him. Also throughout the book bravery takes a major role. Also throughout the book bravery takes a major role.
As well as the camellias, bravery is another symbol. Atticus Finch and Boo Radley have a great amount of bravery in the novel, whether it is overcoming their past, rejection, or sticking up for what one believes in. They both show the kindness they have through their bravery. Atticus took on the “impossible” case defending Tom Robinson against the accusations of rape. As any other town in the South, when a white woman calls rape on a black man, even if it’s a lie or not, the black man is going to go to jail. For a man to go against all his towns’ beliefs and defend Tom Robinson takes a great amount of bravery. Also Atticus is brave in the face of danger, he shot the rabid dog with one shot and when he faced the mob outside the jailhouse. He knows the difference between right and wrong and wants to pass it down to Scout. Atticus wants her to have the bravery or courage to stop her from fighting those who talk down about him. Atticus knows that violence is wrong and he knows how brave a person has to be to do the right thing. Emotions take a huge toll on people such as Boo Radley and as he develops throughout the book, his bravery grows with him.
Boo Radley has been abused emotionally, and most likely physically by his father, and his older brother Nathan who took the father figure after their father passed away. Boo was seen as a threat or crazy to everyone in the town but he had a kind heart and never let it go even the people were rude and nasty to him. Scout saw the shadow of a man, but did not know what is was at first but when she and Jem realized “He put his arms over his head and went rigid” (53), showing that when they realized it was Boo Radley, fear stuck them. He was feared by many and because of this Boo almost never left the house, and then he began...

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