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Symbols And The Struggles Of Women

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A woman strangled her husband to death. Another woman died due to extreme happiness after she was told her husband passed away in an accident. “Trifles” and “The Story of an Hour” are the two short stories associated with these plots. The two texts are perplexing which is why they use symbols. Both stories use objects figuratively to reveal a hidden story that contributes to the theme which is pain and loneliness may provoke a person to act in selfish ways.
Symbols can display the characters feelings towards one another and the major conflict of the text. For example, in the play “Trifles”, Mrs. Wright’s feelings toward her husband and their marriage is demonstrated using the symbols including the bird, the broken birdcage, and the fruit preserves. Mr. Hale retrogresses the night when Mrs. Wright has told him that her husband was dead. Subsequently, the two men and the two women separates in where the women discover several trifles that are the key to understanding Mrs. Wright’s life. The women first find the broken birdcage in the cupboard then later on, the dead bird in the sewing kit. The bird represents Mrs. Wright herself as she was “real sweet and pretty but kind of timid and--fluttery” (Glaspell 7). However, as a result of her marriage, Mrs. Wright felt trapped like a bird in its birdcage. There is a possibility that Mrs. Wright has been physically or emotionally abused by Mr. Wright which can be inferred from the symbols. For instance, Mrs. Wright could not have killed the bird, because she liked the bird so it must have been Mr. Wright who killed it (Glaspell). In addition, Minnie’s decision to kill her husband is represented by the broken fruit preserves and the broken birdcage when she could not take her marriage anymore that she decides to do it. Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale’s eccentric views on the scene diverted their thoughts of the crime and of Mrs.Wright. The women did not know Mrs. Wright very well, yet after examining the symbols in the trifles they found, they realized that Minnie Wright was capable of her husband’s death.
Furthermore, symbols can not only demonstrate the emotion of the characters, but they can also predict what will happen next that is not stated in...

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