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Sympathy For Pip In Great Expectations By Charles Dickens

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Sympathy for Pip in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

For the past half term, in English, we have been spending our lessons
on a novel by Charles Dickens called 'Great Expectations' We have been
concentrating on the opening Chapters as well as to understand the
novel. 'Great Expectations' is based on a boy called Pip. Pip is an
orphan who lives with his cruel sister and husband Joe Smith who's a
blacksmith. He is poor and lonely as his siblings unfortunately died.
The book tells us how Pip was encountered with a convict and how his
life has changed from there. Pip was given the chance to become a
'Gentlemen' and the novel takes us through an adventure, which along
the way picks up secrets. Dark secrets. Eventually Pip ends up with
his lifetime sweetheart Estella. Throughout this essay, I will be
explaining as well as describing how the author, Charles Dickens,
makes the reader, feel sorry for Pip.

We are now going to look at the first Opening Chapter. Chapter one is
basically telling us who the main person is and setting the scene in
which he was brought up with his sister. Charles Dickens has written
this novel in first person so it helps us to understand Pips feelings.
This Chapter tells us about his past, present and future. It tells us
how Pip feels about what the tragic thinks that have happened to him
ever since he was born.

In Chapter 1 the novel starts off by Pip introducing himself by
telling us how he ended up being called Pip. He then goes on to tell
us about his sister '...Mrs Joe Gargery, who married the
Blacksmith...' He then tells us about his parents. He tells us that he
has never seen his parents or his siblings as they had died. He goes
on to tell us about how he imagines his parents to look in appearance.
His father being '...Square, stout, dark man, with curly black
hair...' and his mother being '...freckled and sickly...' he describes
to us what he thinks about his siblings and how they were born. He
then starts off the next paragraph saying '...Ours was the marsh
country...'going on to describe the courtyard and eventually coming to
start to cry when suddenly a scary looking man comes towards him. He
is frightened and starts to run. Eventually the man picks him up and
tilts him so hard that he feels sick. Furthermore the convict
threatens to eat his liver and heart after ripping it out. He tells us
how terrified he is as well as telling us describing to us what this
convict was doing to him. He describes to us the manner in which this
convict has appeared and his appearance such as is clothes and how
rough they were. We know from the novel that he is a convict because
Pip describes to us the type of clothes he's wearing and he tells us
that it is the type in which people who were in jail wore which was
stripes of black and white. Now you think...

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