Sympathy For Tidal: It's Not The Devil

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If the world doesn’t pay attention soon, a key part to our energy redemption may fade into oblivion. Tidal power is the powerful unknown entity within the international alternative energy scene. Sadly, tidal power still has yet to tested or implemented nearly as much as it should be (MCT). On top of this, not enough is even known about it on a public and even a professional level. But why is this the status quo? There is a significant amount of potential for tidal power on the coasts of many countries, including the United States. Tidal power is utilized in two strikingly different ways, and they both have different construction impacts and energy output. The first finished form of tidal ...view middle of the document...

Many other countries including the United States have made a similar pledge towards energy and emissions. The United States has stated, “….by 2020, America would reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in the range of 17 percent below 2005 levels..” (Whitehouse). If the US was to fully utilize all the potential areas for tidal power, 119 million homes a year could be powered by this renewable source (Energy). Implementation of tidal power would change the lives of an enormous amount of people who would suddenly have access to cheap, non-emitting, renewable energy. This installation would closely resemble the pacific northwest on a wider scale, which pays 3 times less than the national energy cost average due to hydroelectric power on many major rivers (Cheap Energy vs. the Environment). The best predictions pertaining to the cost of widespread tidal power in the United States would be on par with current hydroelectric costs. Most major US cities are located on coastlines, so having this energy available would be a fantastic benefit to the millions who live in coastal cities. The United States could easily follow the United Kingdom and add tidal power to their alternative energy action plan.
The world has had a cancerous growing problem for decades. A significant part of the world relies on energy extracted and processed from the ground. This leaves many countries with an unstable source for constant energy in the future to come. Tidal power is nothing but stable and infinitely renewable. Currents and tides are all mapped, charted, and recorded. The only events that ever can significantly alter this structure are natural disasters like tsunamis. Even then, the amount of coastlines in the world affected by tsunamis is ridiculously low (Renewable Energy). The tides follow constant moon cycles and patterns. Tidal power also lacks in requiring any sort of processing or extraction within the generating of power. Raw materials and energy are not wasted in collection, and past the initial building of infrastructure, nothing is put into the process. Although it is imperative to grant that the initial costs of putting in a tidal power plant can be enormous, it is still important to maintain that is it worth it. Tidal power plants running right and working correctly have a lifespan of 100 years and very low operating costs once the plants are put into place (Helston). Out of all the energy that goes through the turbines, about 80% can be collected. This gives tidal power plants some of the best energy collection efficiency rates in the alternative energy scene (Lunar Energy). These plants are capable of generating energy cheaper than the abundant nuclear power in France (Helston). Another hidden gem is an unintentional benefit by building tidal barrages specifically. In certain cities and areas in many countries, sea levels are beginning to rise around them. Most coastal urban areas are built at or barely above sea level. Installation of tidal power...

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