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The Comparison Of Symphony And Liberty

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Liberty (v5)
Supplier: Softlink
Liberty is simple while having all of the functionality that any library would require! Liberty is committed to growing and changing with the needs of individual libraries, and it would probably best suit a special library.
While having fully integrated core modules (which are designed to save the user time), Liberty also has a number of additional modules which can be integrated into the system. Some of these are the Liberty Cloud, OverDrive, and Z-Catloguing. There are also a few helpful subscription-based add-ons such as Syndetics Solutions, and Web Services API.
There are a couple of features of this LMS which greatly benefit the user/patron. With the Library Link Applicator it is possible to connect to library services through divers digital devices, such as iPhones, and smart phones. The search options are also a fabulous tool, as they create a broader sphere in which to find items.
Liberty’s involvment with users includes such things as book reviews, RSS feeds, and pictures searching.
A benefit to library staff is Liberty’s full integration of features which creates an easy to navigate system, and the removal of redundant data entry.
Efficiency is an obvious key thought with Liberty. The fact that it is fast and efficient is an added advantage. A simple and easy to use interface, a quick and simple check-in for some items, a fully integrated Z39.50 portal for fast cataloguing, a powerful search engine which delivers immediate resources, and the vast amount of helpful technology (such as interfaces to engage customers), all go towards an enjoyable experience for both the library and patron.
Liberty is certainly a versatile LMS, which offers the users engagement to discover information quickly and receive accurate results.

Supplier: SirsiDynix
Symphony boasts many features which match technological growth, and which would greatly aid and benefit the library itself as well as the patron. It would probably suit any library, but it would especially be useful to a Public Library.
Two modules which portray Symphony well, are the circulation and cataloguing modules.
The circulation module offers flexibility, efficiency, and functionality, while maintaining security. It saves libraries time by filling holds quickly, and saves money by employing the most cost-effective routes and exchanges.
While the cataloguing module provides full support for MARC, it also goes beyond that and supports other formats for digital resources, and other ‘special items.’ The group item editor, and slick label designer are tools that make item additions and updates easy.
Add-ons such as the web client-based StaffWeb interface and Pocket Cric (mobile circulation tool) greatly aid both staff and volunteers to better serve the library patrons.

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