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Symposium: Pros And Cons Of Marijuana Legalization.

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Article: Symposium: Pros and cons of marijuana legalizationShould marijuana be legalized? In the article "Symposium: The Pros and Cons of Marijuana Legalization," written by Deroy Murdock, discusses the modern implications that have to do with marijuana. In society today, many people are looking for a feeling of freedom. With the new millennium dawning upon, so are new ideas. An emphasis on autonomy and right to choose individually are modern ethical issues that have been increasingly being brought to light in society today. With this, it is almost evident that social change is soon to take place. Nonetheless, before such change occurs I will discuss the ideas that surround the legalization of marijuana by discussing the article mentioned above.Many people go on vacation and spend money. Yet to most common get away that people seem to use is drugs. Accordingly though, marijuana is illegal due to legislation that has been around for almost a century. After the passage of the Harrison Act, it became evident that the war on drugs seeds were planted. According to Murdock, in discussing the pro for legalization of marijuana, it is estimated that the government spends 9.2 billion dollars of taxpayer money annually in the war on drugs. (p 1) This seems to be outrageous when one examines the success at which this war has accomplished. It seems all this war on drugs has accomplished is incarcerating those who use rather than those who traffic and quick frankly this doesn't seem to accomplish anything. Likewise, according to Murdock, the average cost of imprisoning these offenders each year is 750 million. (p 1) Our prisons these days are for the most part being over crowded with the wrong people. Aren't prisons constructed for those who commit crimes that don't include leisurely drug use?Yet we see that an overwhelming majority of the population in jails is from drug users not criminals who commit crime. Reasons for this that Murdock state has to due with violations of the 4th Amendment in the Constitution that have gone unnoticed in law. The 4th Amendment protects people "against unreasonable searches and seizures." (p 2) Yet according to Murdock's article these such amendments need to be looked at more carefully. In a letter written to the drug-czar nominee John Walters, conservative activists criticized the DEA for working with Amtrak in sharing information about passengers. It's no wonder that the DEA "can spot a drug dealer the way a woman can spot a deal at the supermarket." (p 2) More importantly another issue raised in this article that dealt with the 4th amendment includes the story about the male Highschool student who was searched by his teacher due to the fact that his crotch "was well-endowed." Yet the boy was found to not have anything. (p2) This search in my opinion wasn't necessarily a violation of the amendment. For children are not adults therefore they cannot be necessarily be prosecuted as adults. So in light of this they don't have to...

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