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Symptoms And Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders In Dentistry

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Musculoskeletal disorders can cause problems in dentistry workplace causing the ability to not be able to perform duties in the workplace. Musculoskeletal disorders have increased worldwide in the workplaces for the past decade. Work related injuries can also be a part of musculoskeletal disorders such as neck and shoulder, headaches, back pain, and carpal tunnel.
These are the main factors of musculoskeletal disorders in the dentistry field, in which this relate to the dentist and dental assistant. This research is more detailed in neck and shoulder pain, in which it explains the symptoms, prevention of the workplace and most likely the outcome to prevent the risk of the neck and shoulder pain injuries. Lack of upper extremity and inadequate work break can also be risk factors in dentistry. The severity of symptoms can go from mild periodic to severe chronic and debilitating conditions.
Symptoms in neck and shoulder pain include pain, numbness, and tingling. These symptoms can cause problems in the workplace or unable to perform daily tasks. The causes of musculoskeletal disorders include equipment that is poorly designed or improperly used. The use of various types of force by parts of the body; awkward posture; repetition; the use of maintain daily tasks. (
Symptoms starting from the neck create tension and the muscles began to tighten. The neck area is one of the major problems in modern society in which in the duration of sitting and twisting or bending of the trunk. Risk factors in this particular injury can be divided in three work related categories. Neck flexion, arm posture, arm force is evidence for neck pain and work related issues.( Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health © 2000). Poor posture and using of the dental equipment and instruments agitate the muscles and nerves.
The prevention of neck pain is to use proper sitting posture, the use of equipment and instruments. The members of the dental team must follow the health procedures in the workplace to prevent from having neck pain. Exercises can also help the neck area to stretching and strengthen the muscles to remain healthy. Neck exercise contains head rotation for stiffness in the neck. That type of exercise will release tension and force from the neck area.
Symptoms in the shoulder part can cause discomfort in ability to do daily work routines in the workplace. Stress and tension in the muscles and nerves area can also be a symptom in the dental area. Shoulder pain symptom can lead to serious risks for physical movement. Excessive fatigue of shoulders can weaken the...

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