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Symptoms Of Cholecystitis Essay

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When the gallbladder becomes inflamed a digestice system disease called cholecystitis can occur. There are two common types of cholecystitis—acute and chronic. acute cholecystitis occurs with a rapid inflammation of the gallbladder, chronic is when the gallbladder is inflamed for a long period of time. Sometimes the gallbladder has a sensitivity to certain foods like whole milk products, red meat, fatty or fried foods. The gallbladder can become inflamed from several different factors. Tumors can cause cholecystitis because they can push up against the gallbladder or cause the cystic duct to become blocked. Acute injury to the gallbladder can also cause cholecystitis. Car Accidents and abdominal trauma can injure the gallbladder causing it swell. Certain types of bacteria can cause the gallbladder to become infected and become inflamed including: Strep, E-coli, and salmonella are a few of the most common. These bacteria can also cause an infection inside of the gallbladder that would need to be treated. Although injury, infection, and pressure can cause cholecystitis, Eighty percent of people develop cholecystitis due to gallstones.
The gallbladder is responsible for producing bile that helps with digestion. Bile contains both fat and cholesterol. When the bile in the gallbladder contains too much fat or cholesterol, it can harden into small pebble like stones. Also when a gallbladder has an abnormal function, it can cause the gallbladder to slowly empty its contents. This can cause the cholesterol to harden into tiny pebble like stones. These stones can get large enough to block the ducts of the gallbladder causing it to swell. Stones can also accumulate in the gallbladder and decrease its efficiency in digesting fats. The onset of symptoms starts when the gallbladder is attempting to empty after a heavy, fatty, or fried meal. If a stone is blocking the ducts the gallbladder is unable to empty. People usually start having symptoms shortly after a meal. They can experience right upper quadrant abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, and even chest pain. Patients have also reported feeling deferred pain to the right shoulder blade or in between the shoulders. Some patients also can have a yellow hue to their skin known as Jaundice.
Anyone can get cholecystitis, however certain groups of people are more predisposed to have gallstones. Studies have shown that heredity aspects come into play for people who live in Northern Europe and North and South America as well as Asia. People with obesity have a higher rate of cholecystitis, but it’s the caloric intake of these people instead of fat and cholesterol that appears to be the culprit. People who lose weight rapidly also can develop systems. It seems that when people are using up their fat and cholesterol reserves it causes an increase in the cholesterol in the bile of the gallbladder. People over the age of sixty are predisposed to have gallstones. Women are twice as likely as...

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