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Generalized Anxiety Disorder

About three percent of men and women in the U.S. suffer from Generalized anxiety disorder (APAA). It is one of the most common forms of anxiety and seems to be the most left untreated because people don’t know that it can be treated (McGradles). GAD, although it affects many, is a disorder that can be detrimental to the quality of life of an individual. With the regard to the quality of life, the level of severity that a person experiences is a great factor in determining more information. The accumulated information is a defining feature in figuring the dissimilarity of the normal fight or flight response and the diagnoses of GAD. The disorder itself is that of excessive worry (AnxietyBC) about everyday things like, financial situations, school, family, or health (APAA). Having three or more symptoms such as nausea, shaking, sweating, hot flashes, headaches, and many others, is what contributes to the diagnosis (Patel). By understanding what the disorder is and how it can be treated, Generalized Anxiety Disorder is a serious, yet gradually treatable issue.
Symptoms listed above along with, not being able to sleep to being so nervous that one feels like they are about to become sick (ADAA). It is a problem when these symptoms become recognizable as a part of inhibiting someone from being able to perform essential and simple talks (AnxietyBC). What may be a normal thing to stress about for one person may be physically and mentally strenuous for another person. For that person, school can be an ongoing stressor with strict deadlines, not knowing how to pay loans, being a loner, presentations, not knowing if you were accepting into college, and many more (Smith). Everything seems to connect to everything and it just enables the anxiety.
Many people with GAD have personality traits that can be predictors or hints relating to the disorder. Everyone is different, so the traits vary. One is procrastination or avoiding a situation (AnxietyBC). For a person with the disorder, some situations that causes anxiety are wanted to be evaded or are put on the back burner until they have to be dealt with, although, this method doesn’t help overcome the anxiety. In correlation with avoidance, trying to keep distracted all day is common. By being distracted it helps an individual not think about what worries them, helping that personget through the day without any symptoms of the disorder (AnxietyBC).
Like most other disorders of diseases, risks are usually prevalent. People who are divorced, living alone, or people who are a single parent are more likely to get GAD (Thomas). Gender is similarly a large factor; women have twice as much of a chance to get GAD when compared to men (A.D.A.M.). Additionally, according to A.D.A.M. being shy can contribute to this disorder because they may be a focus for bullies, causing the shy individual to develop anxiety and have trouble enduring uncertainty.
In correlation with bullying, the social...

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