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Symptoms Of The Life Changing, Psychoanalytical Phenomenon

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She rolls over, still completely exhausted from the minimal forty- five-minute sleep, and hits the snooze on the alarm. She can hardly force her jelly-like legs to the chilled floor. Eyes slightly cracked, open enough to see shapes of objects, she throws on the first clothing items she finds on her floor. Breakfast sounds revolting, but she knows she will need something to keep her going through the day, having been awake until six A.M. with thoughts of worry and obsession over problems the day is sure to bring. As she climbs into her car, she hardly notices her jacket is not zipped in the brisk winter air, and should not be driving from lack of concentration. School is the last place she would prefer to be; with no homework done, she begins to worry again about her achievements she has been working towards. Upon arriving to the first class of the day, her eyes are already shutting as if they were automatic doors, and the stress of the babbled lecture tunes her out. After hardly making it through the day, she crawls into her bed with mountainous amounts of homework. Not caring, or able to motivate herself, she ignores the learning she was once passionate for, therefore, starting the cycle over for the following day. Does this sound familiar? What is being experienced by the student above is generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD, and is also experienced by 3.1 percent of the United States population (“Generalized Anxiety Disorder” 1). This is an example of one of the various types of the growing issue of anxiety amongst humanity. Anxiety can appear in people of all genres, and also takes a varying life within each individual stricken with this mental illness. Though seemingly helpless, there are vast amounts of treatment available for those who suffer from anxiety, and allows the patient to take back control of their life and thoughts, as well as avoid further harm to oneself.
Along with the increase in prices, busy schedules, and decreasing economic health, comes the increase of anxiety in everyday people. Human bodies were created with a built in reaction to danger, anxiety. When a circumstance becomes stressful or dangerous, the body will release hormones, giving the body an appropriate reaction. Though they were created to help, excessive amounts of these hormones over a prolonged period of time can be damaging to the body and the organs (Bloomfield 1). This is when stress and anxiety need to be dealt with by a clinician or medical professional. In addition to the hormone harm, there are symptoms and actions which can also be harmful. When exceeding small amounts of stress, a person will begin to become rundown and not be able to function as they regularly have. Muscle tension, headaches, and fatigue are the most common and mild physical symptoms one with anxiety may endure. According to, “If worries and fears are preventing you from living your life the way you'd like to, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder...

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