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Gaming console Xbox 360’s Halo 3 is one of the most innovating and enjoyable first person shooter video game on the market. It is so vastly huge that there is a professional gaming league, Major League Gaming (MLG), which is dedicated to finding the best Halo 3 team and many other great players in other games as well. It includes an intriguing campaign mode that concludes the storyline of the Halo trilogy, and a map editing mode called Forge that lets one remove, move and add objects and items around the map, enabling one to manipulate objects in ways that the developers of the game may have not intended. However, one of the most compelling features is the Xbox Live Matchmaking multiplayer mode, where one is put into game types such as free for all or team versus team and the objection is to wipe out the others. The team versus team mode called ‘Team Slayer,’ is made up of two teams of 4, and they are matched according to their ability to play the game, also called skill. This game type is the most played playlist in Halo 3, due to the fact that it is teamwork chemistry that wins the game, not individual skill, and is one of my best experiences of playing on a team. Teamwork is critical, as I communicate by talking, listening and respond to my teammates, and plan strategically to catch the enemy off guard, and I believe that if I avoid being overly aggressive, and know my role as part of the group structure, then the success of a team will flourish tremendously.Communication is vital in team situations, whether it be in a basketball game, group project, or team presentation. The same goes with video games. With Halo 3, talking and listening to others on your team will immensely help and everyone benefits from it. To succeed, the team must work as one cohesively group. Four members for team slayer works just fine in place of the recommended group members of five to seven (Tech 101w: Communication, 2007).It does not matter how skilled the 4 individuals are, the group must form together (forming), get past conflicts (storming), cooperate with one another (norming), accomplish the group’s goal (performing), and reflect on their effort (adjourning). Going through the stages of group development aided my teammates and I to be successful. For instance, I joined in on a Team Slayer game with 3 random strangers, who I have never known before. We conversed, told one another where we were from, and waited patiently for the game to start. Once started, we headed off to get map control with strong weapons. Two teammates started conflicting with one another of who should get the sniper rifle. They argued back and forth until they distinguished that one was a better sniper than the other. We started communicating with one another, telling each other the location of members of the opposing team, or what weaponsthe opposing team managed to possess. I advised my partners that one of their individuals had a sniper rifle, and was sniping behind a...

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