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Synopses Of United States Air Force

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Running head: SYNOPSES OF UNITED STATES AIR FORCESynopses of United States Air ForceMMPBL/590 - Strategies for Competitive AdvantageUniversity of PhoenixSynopses of United States Air ForceSensitivity to Consumer Wants"When participation in the activity will garner the individual some salient external reward, and when the individual knows about this reward contingency prior to participation, he or she will be likely to attribute the cause of his or her behavior to the reward rather than to the activity itself " (Forehand, 2000, p. 1). The United States Air Force continues to take consumer wants a strategic way to show reward to customers bringing customer value. In ...view middle of the document...

Concern for quality requires attention. China's melamine crisis dented the reputation of China's quality in safety and sanitation (Smith & Yang, 2009). Consumer confidence has been badly shaken, a catastrophe, and companies will experience lasting after-effects (Smith & Yang, 2009).Concern for quality took everyone attention in the 21st century. The Chief of Staff of the Air Force and the MAJCOM commanders stated that, "Our highest-level goal, therefore, is to continuously reduce AF mishap rates and make the Air Force a safer place to live and work." FOQA (flight operations quality assurance) provide the tools to execute safety at the point of attack. FOQA emphasized, "We need a quantum leap in our ability to harness information technology."USAF equates quality to safety, giving quality training to develop the civilians and enlisted in the safety career field. Fresh ideas in how to recruit, train and educate tomorrow's safety professional is on top spot in long-term goals (Army Times, 2001).The Chief of Safety stated that, "I´ve already talked some about what we're doing in traffic safety awareness and training- our target is the 18-25 year-olds... and we need a lot more target study to determine the best way to communicate with them through our training programs. The Air Force depends greatly on them to guide, counsel and be aware of what their people are doing, so that we might head off bad ideas that lead to unnecessary loss of life."Safer airplanes and environment is the top priority (Army Times, 2009). The operational environment in Afghanistan presented some difficult challenges that USAF needs to overcome. The learning curve to operate at extreme altitudes with narrower safety margins was fairly steep. The case, risk management in the planning phase and during execution is the key to controlling aviation mishaps. The Safety Center will undertake a major push in human factors to help attack core issues like illusions and attention management.Fighting terrorism commands not only safety quality of every training safety program is executed through the commanders and supervisors. United Stated Air Force strives for continual improvement in self and service (USAF Portal, 2010). "Excellence in all we do directs us to develop a sustained passion for continuous improvement and innovation that will propel the Air Force into a long-term, upward spiral of accomplishment and performance (USAF Portal, 2010).Statements of Company Vision"Fly… Anywhere, Anytime" were the early advertisements for Curtiss airplanes that lead the glorious visions of flight (House, 2010). Statements of company visions have been a strategic competitive advantage in pioneering day of aviation (House, 2010). Early vision statements bring value to the company and bring clarity to customers to sell the allure of aviation to an upscale clientele. Bobo (2007) presents views on the significance of vision in business enterprises. According to the author vision is...

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