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As the earth’s resources dwindle and expansion of civilization continues, the environment and its inhabitants, animals and humans alike, suffer the repercussions of these actions. Diverse ecosystems were once flourishing brilliantly with wildlife, as animals and plants could develop with little concern until external forces interfered such as habitat destruction, infectious agents, heavy predation, and poaching. Harboring various endemic species and some of the most endangered mammals, avian, amphibians, reptiles, and aquatic creatures in the world, Panama has rapidly experienced the aforementioned external forces, leading to shrinking population sizes as these factors run rampant. All will be lost unless there is some intervention in efforts to replenish or retain the remaining ecosystems and prevent the extinction of these unique organisms. Therefore, the solutions to these dilemmas require passionate commitment but are theoretically, economically, environmentally, and socially sound.
Starting with the relative of the ocelot, the margay is slightly larger than a house cat whose species is not well understood but dwells in the forest biome, primarily in trees. As mentioned before, observations about the margay is limited due to its mischievous and timid nature towards people. After close inspection of the fecal and stomach content, it was noted these cats eat birds, rodents, squirrels, bats, opossums, sloths, monkeys, lizards, frogs, eggs, fruit, and grass to aid in digestion. Although these impending obstacles create a morbid outlook on the margays’ futures, it surprisingly is listed low in the IUCN Red List CITES Appendix as ‘Near Threatened.’ Switching from to amphibian issues the Panamanian golden frog sits with the ‘Critically Endangered’ label by the IUCN Red List. This legendarily poisonous frog lives in rain forests and forests near freshwater streams for breeding and feeding. Predation of the Panamanian golden frog has led to the probable extinction in the wild and created some problems while in captivity for both the parents and tadpoles. The predators of the golden frog are birds and mammals, along with the chytridiomycosis fungus. With these prevalent dilemmas, it makes it nearly impossible for the frog to breed and survive in the wild, which spurs research for fungal prevention and cures as well as reproductive success in captivity.
The lack of predation may make it seem this top cat doesn’t have any problems, but because of its luxurious fur, resemblance of a housecat, solitary lifestyle, and exclusive residence in tree canopies, it faces possible extinction in the wild. Seeing as how inefficient their reproductive means and survival rates from birth are troubling, intervention is greatly needed for this struggling species. On top of that ordeal, poaching for fur and capturing and selling illegally as house pets also presents themselves as roadblocks to triumph. Lastly, the habitat destruction creates considerable duress on the...

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