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The book we are discussing in this essay is called ‘The European Union: Economics, Policy and History’ by Susan Senior Nello. This book takes into account the different disciplines of economics, policy-making and therefore including a great deal of politics, and the history of the institution of the European Union as we know it today. The broad multi-disciplinary perspective makes this a comprehensive book that combines different aspects together making this particularly useful in the current debate about the future of the European Union. The main focus of the book are the policies of the European Union which is the authors’ speciality having worked on various projects for the European Institute in Florence and having advised the European Commission (McGraw – Hill). This book is a good introduction to the on-going debate concerning the progress and developments of the European Economic and Monetary Union. The author does not use a lot of technical terms and if she does they are explained which makes this book perfect as a study-book for students who want to enter this debate and want to be able to carefully structure their arguments. The authors’ main argument is question if the European Economic and Monetary Union is an optimal currency area. Robert A. Mundell is usually seen as the theorist behind the Optimum Currency Area theory. He defines an optimal currency area as “a domain within which exchange rates are fixed.” (177). Susan Senior Nello uses the Optimum Currency Area theory’s criteria whether the European Union is an optimal currency area and addresses what the advantages and disadvantages of being part of a Monetary Union are.

The book is logically structured. Chapter one starts with just the plain definitions and basic structures that one needs to know to proceed and understand the other theories and institutions discussed in the following chapters. As she goes on to the next chapters she keeps explaining the new concepts the reader comes across clearly, to make sure the reader fully understand what Senior Nello is talking about and how everything works together. The author writes the book in an order that is used in the theory rather than the practice concerning the European Union. Meaning that there are theories written about this assuming that in practice this is the way it goes, however in practice this might vary in diverse situations. For example chapter six is written about the single market which in theory is a step taken before converging the countries towards the single monetary union and eventually resulting in an optimum currency area. In practice these lines are a bit more blurry and unclear, nonetheless it is a good structure to follow to keep it as clear as possible for the reader. In most the chapters Susan Senior Nello discusses the history of the policies and the current state of affairs however she does not stay limited to merely the past and present as in the further chapters, for example chapter 11, she...

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