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Synthesis Essay On The Career Project Essay

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INT 175-05
Part 1 Career Assessment
I’m a Midwife. What’s Your Superpower?
Imagine being a freshman in college and being asked the question, “What would you
want to do for the rest of your life?” To some that question is a piece of cake, but to others the
thought of choosing an occupation for the rest of their life is scary. A career is a job that one
dedicates a significant amount of time followed by qualifications.
The career project supplies information on pleasant and unpleasant working tasks,
working conditions, salary, tools, skills, education and other necessary requirements. The first
step was to complete a self-assessment at the New York Career Zone website which analyzed key interests, and work values. The values I selected were realistic, artistic and social. Realistic
involves being outdoors and working with hands on tools. The artistic aspect encourages
creativity and introducing new ideas. Lastly, the social aspect involves working with people
developing communication skills.
The jobs selected for my work interests were park naturalists, museum technicians, and
guidance counselors along with possible jobs and internship opportunities. I based my career
selection on the medical field taking into account the salary, the bright outlook which indicated
rapid growth, and the social and realistic interactions of the profession. Being a midwife fits me
because I value health and comfortability, traveling to help strangers and hands on tasks.
Health and comfortability are mandatory for me to be successful in my career. With my
strong character, I will be able to give off positive energy maintaining a level of confidence
while providing good health practices making a family comfortable in their home. The patient
will receive direct attention making negative risks very unlikely. According to the occupational
details, a midwife must perform health assessments of mothers and babies at regular intervals,
counsel women regarding the nutritional requirements of pregnancy, and provide comfort and
relaxation measures for mothers in labor. By providing any necessary forms of comfort a
woman’s health would be...

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