Synthesis Introduction With Examples St. George's High School, 11 Grade Essay

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5 October 2017
Synthesis Introduction
· Are much like your first impression of somebody after meeting them for the first time.
· Set the tone and the standard of quality for the rest of your essay.
· Act as a “preview” for the rest of your essay.
The body paragraphs will contain your analysis of your topic with specific examples and
evidence. Before the reader can digest any kind of close examination of a topic, they first need to
be introduced to it.
An introduction contains broad, possibly philosophical observations about the topic, without
getting too specific. 
Step 1:
Gain the reader’s interest.
Genre of the text.
(poem, short story, article)
If unknown, write “passage”.
1. Step 1:
Gain the reader's interest + TAG.
2. Step 2:
Provide an overview of your main arguments.
3. Step 3:
State your X thesis
For Example:
What is the true nature of man? Whether you believe that man’s true self is either good or evil,
William Golding, in his excellent novel “Lord of the Flies”, provides a powerful insight into this
very question. Through the political systems that emerge amongst the children, the symbolism of
Piggy’s glasses, and the meaning of the novel’s title, one can clearly see that Golding has a
pessimistic view on man’s true self. As such, Golding demonstrates that our natural state of being
is corrupted.
William Golding, in his excellent novel “Lord of the Flies” – The TAG
That man’s true self is either good or evil – Thesis

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