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A Case Against Genetically Modified Organisms And Foods

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Everything desirable in the world can be broken down into two categories; a want or a need. There are very few things that meet the requirements to be considered needs; water, air, sustenance, in other words things that are necessities to survival. If an item is essential for someone to go on living would you not think that it would be these items that people would focus on? Sadly this is rarely the case especially when it comes to food, there are many people who believe that an apple is just an apple, when there are actually 4,000 species of apples and that does not even include the variation on how or where an apple is grown. In recent years Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO’s have become a common product in our food even though research shows that it can have adverse effects such as cancer on the human body. There are too many people who simply follow what the label on their food says. Too many people who blindly trust the food producers. As the world has become more industrialized many people believe that food is still grown in the traditional way of man plants seeds, waters and weeds them and that when the plant has grown enough it is harvested. When in reality more and more plants are being created in a laboratory and being fed to people without being fully tested or proven healthy. We have no idea what the long term effects are on the human body when the very genetics of our food is being altered.
The word sustenance is commonly considered to be interchangeable with the word food but in this case it is not, since sustenance only refers to materials or nutrients that support and maintain the body and its complex functions. There are many foods throughout the world but I would argue that less than half of them would truly meet the criteria to be sustenance. Could a food be both bad for you and good for you at the same time? I believe it can be when you merge the long and short term effects that some foods have on the human body. When looking at the short term effects of genetically modified food these effects can also be used to analyze the effects these foods have on the environment. When you put a “kill gene” into a seed so that it no longer will produce viable seeds guaranteeing that your customers must buy seed from you every year, what does this do to the human body and its ability to produce offspring? How does this affect the animals and insects that pollinate or feed on this plant and their ability to produce offspring? How do all of these animals effect the ecosystem as a whole?
Organic food tastes better and are better for you, so why give up taste and nutrients? What if as a child you were told that you could eat one small but delicious carrot or one big okay carrot which would you pick? Now as an adult if you were told that the small carrot cost the same as the big carrot, which would you pick? In America many people choose higher calorie foods at a cheaper price over healthier choices at more expensive prices because many...

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