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Artificial Intelligence. This Paper Describes What The Government Hopes To Accomplish With Ai. It Includes Some Of The Inventions And What We Hope To Accomplish With This Technology.

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Artificial IntelligenceArtificial intelligence is a branch of computer science concerned with making computers think. It is the first project dedicated solely to artificial intelligence. It is also defined as the project of creating machines that can carry out tasks normally thought to require human intelligence. AI will enable humans to speak directly with computers, and is engineering inspired by biology. Through AI, we hope to invent machines, which will be able to learn, speak, and reason, in the same manner in which we do. We also eventually want these machines to have full consciousness, just as humans and animals do. AI was originally intended to understand how infants and children develop. It has now come to mean 'artificial adult human intelligence.' Originally, AI was intended to be used to do impressive things such as playing hard chess games and doing complex mathematical problems. However, these things ended up being quite easy for computers, whereas, simple things such as walking are extremely difficult for computers to learn.Much of the current AI research focuses on creating machines and computer programs that can solve practical problems without necessarily simulating human intelligence. Examples include voice recognition software, sophisticated assembly line robots, missile guidance systems, and expert systems computer programs that attempt to embody the knowledge of experts in a given field such as economics or medicine, and allow the program user to access and analyze vast amounts of data.Theorists felt that they could use neural networks of...

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