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Democratization Model For A Post Al Asad Regime In Syria

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This research paper seeks to design a democratization model for a Post-al-Asad regime in Syria. At the same time as the uprising goes on in Syria there should be discussion of a possible transition into a real democracy. The conflicts have not yet ended in Syria and there are possibilities that the revolts will succeed and Syria will be facing massive challenges for a transition that might be either democratic or not democratic. It is an essential time for Syria to design a good model of democracy to be able to have a peaceful and democratic Syria and to be able to bring stability, harmony, and solidarity without any vicious sectarian conflict among numerous groups. Moreover, the Asad regime has less chances of surviving the current opposition and outside observers so there should be a proposal for what the institutions for a future democratic Syria will look like. The current regime represents more than interest of his family and the ruling party, and Alawite community whose members have been dominating the majority (Sunni Muslims) for more than forty years.
II. Introduction
The brutal regime of Bashar al-Asad has been ruling this country for over forty years. The tyrant and autocratic government kept employing its loyal military forces and sectarian thugs to crush the opposition and reassert its tyranny. There were several revolts by people against him to topple the regime and to start taking steps for establishing a democratic government and bringing political, social, and economical reforms in the country but the regime used excessive force and chemical weapon against civilians and killed more than 120,000 innocents in order to stay in power (Byman, Doran, Pollack, & Shaikh, 2012). This war will never end until there will be a consensus or until there will a real democracy. Therefore, there will be a transition in Syria seeing these revolts and resistance against Asad. Furthermore, I would suggest a good model of democracy would be feasible in bringing peace into this country. Thus, the Ideal democratic system for a post-al-Asad Syria is the conservative liberal democracy. Syria has already experienced socialist and a centralized government which led to tyranny thus here I would suggest a decentralized system of governance where governors, mayors, etc are elected through free and fair election. Hence, as the sectarian disagreement is widespread in Syria between Shia and Sunni, decentralized system helps as well as conservative liberalism in which the people can still preserve some cultural and religious values. Also, Syria is an Islamic country and as far as we experience a pure liberal democracy allowing anti Islamic laws will not be able to succeed due to the facts that most of liberal democracy policies are anti-Islam principles and fundamentals and people of Syria will never accept it. On the other hand, social model of democracy seems to be a problem as well due to the facts that social democracy is not feasible for a country like...

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