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The Ruling Leaders Of Syria Essay

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vThe desire to rule a country, set up a powerful kingdom that could run for a longer time, and names markup the history is almost every human’s wish. Lives, money and so many other precious things have been put into use to save kingdoms. One such example of ruling the kingdom is in that of Syria. The Asad family is running the kingdom since decades, four decades indeed. The king runs a rule of law, modified by him for him, and his powerful allies. Now that the Syrians have had much of the brutalities and sufferings from the king’s government, they at last decided to stand up against the king, and force him to step down from the throne.
The Syrian opposition who is trying to set up an Islamic rule of law in the country, contrary to the shi’a coalition government led by Asad administration. The main factor that violence is flaming higher in Syria is that the opposition is trying to establish an Islamic government in the country, in which the sovereignty belongs to the almighty Allah, and that the rules and regulations of an individual’s life are based on that of the rules of Quran and Sunna. Shari’ah be the code of life and islam be the religion, contrary to the current government whose constitution, laws and articles are codified and modified by that of shi’a scholars from the teachings and preaching of shi’a religion, which is an incomplete, incompetent, and incompatible pattern of life. The Syrian who suffered a lot from the shi’a led government therefore felt a severe need for change in the government and therefore headed for a historic protest that is still running. The far cries, and screams of the Syrian are still echoing in the streets of war struck Syria against the Asad kingdom but the greed and lust for power and ego for a false religion in asad’s blood is stopping him from stepping down from the throne, thus showing no mercy to the public.
The current war in Syria could be translated from many perspectives. From the opposition perspective, it is a war for prosperity and solemnity of the people and rule of Islamic law in the country. From the Asad alliance’s point of view, it is an attempt for a secular and sectarian free, and democracy ruling Syria.
The Syrians planned a peaceful protest against the king, and wanted the king to step down of the power. The protest lasted. The Syrian thought the protest would make the king to step down from the throne and would not turn up to be so violent, cause life and home loss and demolish...

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