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Syria: Foreign Policy Analysis

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It has been three years since the war between the Syrian rebels and their leader, President Basshar Al-Assad has begun. During that time, it has been calculated that about innocent people have been killed by the barrel bombs and other miscellaneous weapons. According to ABC News, the United Nations has said that about more than 10,000 children have been used against the protestors by sexual assaults, recruits, and torture. The Syrian government and President Basshar Al-Assad have tried to use the children to weaken the rebels because they were protesting for their equality and freedom of politics. Because of what President Basshar and the government did, it started a war which became known as the Syrian Civil War. This war created many refugees who started to flee to other countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, and etc. (3). The civilians in Syria were in great need for medicines, food, and shelter. Today, about 2,500 civilians are trapped in a city with no kinds of aid for three days. The United States, Russia, China, France, Britain, and the United Kingdom became involved in this matter (5). The Syrian Civil War had and still is creating problems around its country, causing deaths, worries, and humanitarian problems which need to be fixed now.
B. The United Nations has held up a Security Council to look for resolutions to fix up the Syrian destruction. However, both Russia and China disagreed for setting up resolutions now because it’s not a right time. Russia vetoed the resolution for humanitarian aid and two other resolutions. The United Nation had also held up a General Assembly and the NGO’s (6). Some of the UN committees, NGO’s, and agencies in the UN that participated, is the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Caritas Lebanon Migrant Center (CLMC), People in Need (PIN), and the International Medical Corps (IMC). The CLMC has given Syrian rebels services, like humanitarian, medical, and legal assistance. The IMC has have done conflict resolution projects in the past and is one of the NGO’s that is assisting Syria. Resolution 2043 was passed but later paused by the Syrian government.
C. Chad’s policy is to provide more refugee camps and humanitarian aid for Syria. Chad and many other countries have teamed up with NGOs and other organizations in order to provide Syria with humanitarian aid, and the badly needed supplies. They have now worked to provide more supplies for the winter that is approaching, and they have worked hard to raise the needed funds to provide this humanitarian aid for the...

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