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Syrian Immigrants In Lebanon Essay

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Back in the early 90's, when the civil war ended in Lebanon, most of the country's infrastructure was destroyed. Thousands of people lost their jobs and a lot more became homeless. Some preferred to stay in Lebanon, and some left for other countries to seek a new and better life. Surprisingly, the Syrians in Lebanon were the main force that had led to the renovation of Lebanon. Consequently, families of those Syrian workers started to migrate and concentrate mainly in Beirut. The increase in the number of the Syrian immigrants was more prevalent after the civil war started in Syria. Combined with the political and social problems that rose proportionally with the Syrian migration, "The presence of Syrian workers in Lebanon had become the subject of great controversy" (Chalcraft,2005,p. 131). Despite the fact that the Syrian migrants to Lebanon might pose a lot of problems, they provide benefits to the Lebanese on the social and economic levels.
Syrian immigrants might have aggravated the already present social issues, such as traffic jam, general insecurity and tensions between the Lebanese and the Syrians. In fact studies showed that with time they might drastically reduce job opportunities and increase health care deficits within the Lebanese society. However, what we often fail to notice is that they are the basis of the infrastructural apparatus. Add to that the fact they directly lead to an increase in consumerism, working force, diversity and Arab interdependence in Lebanon.
The Syrian immigrants are naturally concentrated where they might find a job or can live safely, far from the war that is held in their country.
Figure 1. Distribution of Syrian Refugees in the Middle East. Graph that shows the distribution of Syrian refugees in the Middle East. (El-Khatib, Scales, Vearey, & Forsberg, 2013).
As we can see from the graph above, by the end of May 2013, The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the major part of the Syrian immigrants went to its most neighboring country, Lebanon. The estimated population of Lebanon is 4.2 million, which makes the Syrian refugees 7% of its population size. However, in August 31 2013, another survey reveals that the Lebanese Government has estimated this number to be about 1.5 million, which corresponds to an increase in Lebanon’s population of more than 25% (Refaat & Mohanna, 2013). The rise of Syrian Immigrants might results in the augmentation of the number of robbers and criminals which strengthen the insecurity within the Lebanese Society. In addition, some rich Syrian families reside in hotels and homes, and might add up to the traffic jam issue that is increasingly bothering most of the Lebanese that go to their job daily, as Lebanese people assume.
However, those people might forget that there's another factor that contributes to the main problem for the traffic jam in Lebanon. The construction and renovation of the streets and bridges is a major...

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