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1. Class stereotypes which is applied by default with the Analysis Model template. The stereotypes roughly correspond to the parts of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, where Boundary represents View, Entity corresponds to the Model and Control is Controller. Boundary class is a stereotyped class or object that represents some system boundary which is user interface screen, system interface or device interface object. Besides that it could be used in the analysis or conceptual phase of development to capture users or external systems interacting with the system under development. It is often used in sequence diagrams which demonstrate user interactions with the system. Next is entity class which is a stereotyped class or object that represents some information or data, usually but not necessarily persistent. Entity also drawn as a circle with line attached to the bottom of the circle.
The last one is control class; control is a stereotyped class or object that is used to model flow of control or some coordination in behavior. One or several control classes could describe use case realization. System controls represent the dynamics of the designed system and usually describe some "business logic". Control is drawn as a circle with embedded arrow on the top.

2. Systems requirement is gather information on what system should do from many sources. Methods in collecting or determining system requirements which is traditional method and modern method and five main approaches for determining systems requirements. Traditional method has 5; questionnaires, interviewing, interview in groups, direct observations and documents.
A questionnaire is more cost-effective than interviews and can be administered over the phone, mail, or in person. It also mostly closed-ended questions. Interviewing has 2 which is open ended and closed ended unknown. Open ended information may surface and can respond in their own words. While closed ended take shorter time since major answers to questions are well known. Some useful information may be overlooked as respondents try to make a choice. Interviewing groups is more effective use of time. Its enables people to hear opinions of others and to agree or...

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