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Work Related Project"Company X(Company X) is a full service technology infrastructure company providing managed services, data center services, and professional services to businesses regionally. From its world-class data center facility located in Nebraska, Company X provides unmatched security, availability, scalability, and enterprise manageability. Company X provides day-to-day information technology (IT) operational support and data center expertise to customers, allowing them to focus on growing their businesses. The company's scalable and flexible solutions improve operational efficiencies, mitigate risks and control costs associated with managing information technology infrastructure"(Company X, 2006).TaskThe use of system analysis to analyze the implementation of a computerized process for the maintenance department of the company is Company X's main focus. It will be used to monitor power usage and temperature of the data floor.System AnalysisSystem analysis is "the process of analyzing a system were two tasks must be performed: Modelling the system and solving for the model's response" (Julia Maslov, n.d.). The system analysis process usually begins with a request of a product or process to be analyzed and at the end of the analysis a fully functional product or process should be able to be implemented. Within the body of this paper a work related project will be analyzed, using system analysis for a business system. This particular project was created to establish a computerized process for the maintenance department.ObjectivesThe objective of the project was implemented to computerize the maintenance department so as to offer power and temperature monitoring services to the customers as well as the company. This will be a new service that the company will be offering. That is to monitor the power usages for each customer and to make sure power is always available. Temperature in the rooms where servers dwell is crucial, as it may cause the company thousands of dollars if a server over heats and/or burns up. So knowing when the temperature drops is of the highest importance. For example, in the data centre business, 24/7 monitoring is the key selling stone. Therefore the more monitoring the company can offer the more services can be offered, which ultimately increases the profit margin of the organization.Feasibility studyThe main purpose of the feasibility study is to justify whether or not it will be beneficial for the company to invest in the new system. The study shows the results of the following questions: Will implementing computer systems in the maintenance department be beneficial to the company on a whole? Yes, as they will now be able to monitor the company's power and temperature as well. This is time for fail over and power management as well as protection of the equipment on the data floor. What type of computer system will be implemented and it system development life cycle (SDLC)? The computer system that will be...

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System Analysis

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