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System Development Life Cycle Sdlc

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System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - System Analysis##########University of Phoenix OnlineCIS 319########13 January 2008System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - System AnalysisAbstractThis paper will attempt to highlight the importance of developing a comprehensive plan to conduct a system analysis that is a portion of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The SDLC is the process of developing information systems through investigation, analysis, design, implementation and maintenance- which includes an approach to technological problem solving. The type of problem solving is geared towards finding ways to improve the functionality of its current systems to become more effective and efficient. Every organization strives to gain the high-performance technological capabilities it desires to achieve its goals. One of the challenges each organization faces, private or public sector, is getting through the barriers of planning and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of upgrading their internal system knowledge so that fresh ideas and concepts are openly shared.Defining System AnalysisSystem Analysis process incorporates when the "present system is investigated and its specifications documented. They should contain our understanding of HOW the present system works and WHAT it does" (Alexander, 1979). When that is determined, the results would facilitate the construction or design of new technological advances before implementation. According to WebZIP News (2007), the following guidelines must be considered in order to keep focused on what needs to be accomplished:Specification of what the new system is to accomplish based on the user requirements.Functional hierarchy showing the functions to be performed by the new system and their relationship with each other.Function network which are similar to function hierarchy but they highlight those functions which are common to more than one procedure.List of attributes of the entities - these are the data items which need to be held about each entity (record).By accepting the process and definition of system analysis, it will help support the decision-making process by providing an advanced understanding of the contribution of each entity that may construct that new technology. Through system analysis, the collection of information can provide focus, direction and support to the development and introduction of functional advances- which are the business goal capabilities that run network relevance to meet corporate business objectives.Planning for System Analysis in an OrganizationIn the world of business which involves information systems development, the charge is to generate procedures for describing and influencing models that create systems that meet the needs of that particular business. One way of accomplishing this model is by understanding the importance of the types of knowledge an organization is attempting to create. Managing knowledge asks...

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