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Hospitalization among adolescent females in an inpatient psychiatric unit is fairly common. However, little research has been done on the topic. This qualitative research proposal will examine the reasoning behind the effects hospitalization has on these adolescent females, between the ages of 12-18, after they spent some time at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital. Self-reporting, via interviews and questionnaires, from hospitalized adolescent girls will be the manner in which the data will be collected. Since the length of hospital stays may vary, questionnaires and interviews will be conducted upon discharge in order to keep procedure unanimous.. A general inductive approach will be used to assess data collected from patients.
An inpatient psychiatric hospitalization may come as a bump in the road to some, but may be routine procedure for others. At Chicago Lakeshore Hospital, adolescent females are hospitalized for many reasons ranging from suicidal ideations to eating disorders. From the observations since starting an internship at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital, suicidal ideation and self-injury behavior occur in most of the patients. Borderline personality disorder and major depressive disorder are the two leading diagnoses on the unit.
Many individuals with BPD suffer from problems regulating emotions and thoughts, impulsive and reckless behavior, and unstable relationship with family and friends. It has also been found that patients with BPD are frequently encountered in emergency room settings, usually presenting with threatened suicide or an actual suicide attempt. In the United States alone, such visits occur about 500,000 times per year (Biskin & Paris, 2012). Individuals with BPD often engage in dangerous behaviors; recurring suicidal behaviors or threats; intense and highly changeable moods; chronic feelings of emptiness and/or boredom; inappropriate, intense anger problems; having stress-related paranoid thoughts or severe dissociative symptoms (Biskin & Paris, 2012).
After being hospitalized, the main goals in which a hospital stay wishes to achieve are for these young women to become aware of the triggers that cause the feelings of suicidality, anxiety, depression, etc., to increase positive coping skills and positive and healthy activities to do in crisis or “boring” situations, but most importantly, to keep them safe and stable.
Suicidal behavior among adolescents is often repetitive and may also increase the risk for a successful suicide (King, et al., 1995). The question of this proposal, however, is what effects does this particular hospital stay have on these young ladies? Are there benefits to an inpatient hospital stay and if so, what are they? Females between the ages of 12-18 are hospitalized nearly three times more than males, at 12.4% (Merikangas, et al., 2010). Of 12.9 million residents in Illinois, nearly 563,000 live with a serious mental condition (McIntosh, 2009). These numbers may be shocking but they are very real....

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