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System Of Inquiry Essay

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This system of inquiry paper will be developed using the Business Conduct Guide which serves as the Code of Conduct for my current employer. My employer is one of the largest retailers in the country and enjoys a strong reputation of being an outstanding and innovative retailer as well as a corporation with values and beliefs that are a core of the company's business success. A Code of Conduct can be defined as "a statement setting out the guidelines regarding the ethical principles and acceptable behavior expected of a professional organization or company" (Oxford, 2007). Within most organizations, a Code of Conduct is developed to produce an ethical culture that will guide employee actions and decisions (Trevino & Nelson, 2004).The Code of Conduct my current employer has gives guidance to what actions and behaviors are and are not acceptable to the people employed by the corporation. The Code of Conduct is used to evaluate any contravention and for decision-making regarding, problem solving and employee behavior. All employees should be following the organizations Code of Conduct as these guidelines equip the employees with the tools needed to make sound business decisions that meet the ethical and legal standards by which my employer lives and upon which the company's reputation is based. Employees who follow these standards allow for growth and success for themselves and for Target.When new employees come on board they are required to attend a New Hire Orientation where the Business Conduct Guide is introduced to employees. The importance of the Code of Conduct is discussed during this time and each employee is required to sign a document stating he or she will follow the Code of Conduct for the duration of his or her employment. Signing the document means the employees understand the information presented and agree to adhere to the core values that are outlined. Subsequently, an online Code of Conduct review is required to be completed annually by all managers and supervisors. This additional review helps ensure that all leadership within the company understands and continues to comply with the Business Conduct Guide and related company policies and procedures and that business continues to be conducted in a manner that is consistent with the company's high standards.As employees progress through their career with my employer, many resources are available to assist them with decision-making and problem-solving processes. These resources include things such as the employee handbook, specialized training such as ethics training, supervisors, senior managers, and human resource personnel. If an employee is found to be behaving in an unethical manner or violating the organizations' Code of Conduct by another employee, a vendor, or a customer, he or she may resolve the issue using the resources provided or report the incident by following the communication process that is outlined in the Business Conduct Guide. An alternative or additional...

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