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System Rewards Essay

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Reward can refer to a multi dimensional concept and interpretation, can make from the perspective of language and organization, from the language reward means competation, remuneration, salary and wage system. The term is often can applied interchange within the organization, but refer to the purpose of the meanings. Many challeging in the modern era, aspect of Human Resourse and development so important in organization, it is because Human Resource are important to achieve the goal of company organization, when the Human Resource are active and efficient, it have a relationship with performance and productivity of organization. Efficiency and effectiveness of Human Resource can be achieve, when the organization provide for an employee either intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.
According Desslar, in jobs, if organization provide intrinsic rewards edequately to the workers, it can effect the employees always liked the work and inderectly create a love of work and organization (1993). Love in workers can appear various forms such as commitment of employee in organizations (Dessler, 1993).Term commitment to the organization according Mowday (1977) refer to the relantionship between employees and employers to achieves organizations goals. According to article Nurjehan (1997), when on employee has high level of commitment in organization, it will continue to along aim with the organization, we also sharing goals and defend the assets of the organization and always motivated to achieve goals. In other words, commitments for organizations, can see when the employee always faithful in the organizations.
My opinions, factor rewards important in organizations to improve the productivities and achievement to stage a more successful, example of rewards is job security, annual bonus, salary increase, promotions and apperication. Rewards is consideration recieved by the employee as a result of the good performance, Skinner said (1969), rewards is reinforcement, because it is related with the person behaviour for example, when individual achieve in works, it can get more advantage from their employes. Rewards also can give from organization in money. Schwab (1985), devide rewards to three types, the works it self, Human Resource policy and social enviroment. He also said, the rewards is factors of motivation highly effective because can help employee achieve the goal.

Rewards divided into two part the first part is intrinsic rewards and extrinsic rewards, there is a difference the two is rewarded. Intrinsic rewards actually fulfills employee’s intrinsic factors or motivatiors and thus motivates the works. Example of intrnsic rewards is giving challenging task, involving in desicion making process, but the employee do not required to increased their salary as well and employee may be working at higher management rank without increase in the salary and still more motivated. Meaning of extrinsic rewards is refer to motivation that comes from outside an...

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