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Network & Telecommunications Concepts Essay

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Team A has been tasked by Huffman Trucking to evaluate and recommend improvements for the current infrastructure. Team A knows Huffman Trucking has been on the forefront for innovative transportation needs, and we would like to meet or exceed those expectations. With current hubs located in Los Angeles, St. Louis, Cleveland and Bayonne (New Jersey), Huffman's employees are expected to maintain communication among both coworkers and clients. In order for Huffman Trucking to obtain future growth, our recommendations should be carefully studied and reviewed with us, and please let Team A know if there are any questions.
With a brief look into Huffman, we have observed many issues, but the one that stands out is the current communication systems in place. We recommend a complete upgrade throughout the sites, below you will find a detailed account of what we studied and compiled for Huffman Trucking.
Huffman Trucking is an emerging trucking company with various locations within the United States. With a wide range of area locations spanning between four different states, interpersonal communication plays a vital role in the success of their business. As we assessed Huffman’s current telephone systems many advantages and disadvantages were shown at each location.
The Huffman location in Los Angeles, CA consists of a plant and an office. The office location currently uses a PBX telephone system, yet they have no option for voice mail or caller ID. The Huffman PBX, which is also known as a Private Branch Exchange, is a private telephone exchange that serves only that Huffman office. The system makes connection within their private network of telephones, and then connects them to the public switch through what is known as the trunk line. If this PBX were not in place all of the phones would require a separate line to connect them to the public switch and back into the business again. This would not be a very convenient or cost effective setup to have. The plant location utilizes an entirely different telephone system called VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).
There many advantages and disadvantages to the current setup at the plant and office locations in Los Angeles. Although the telephone system at the office location does not include voice mail or caller ID, the PBX system in place is a great benefit and cost savings over traditional telephone system configurations. Instead of each phone line within the office having its own individual line connected to the central switch of the telephone company, each device in the office is interconnected into a private network which connects to the central switch through one main line as mentioned above. All devices on the PBX are called extensions and only require the dialing of four to five numbers to reach another internal extension. Telephones are not the only communication devices that can be used on the PBX either. Many other communication devices, such as Fax and Modem machines can also be connected. The...

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