Systems Analysis

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Summaries the stages of the systems cycle and identify some of the methods or its variations used for systems analysis highlighting their features.Brief Introduction:In this task, I need to summarise the stages of the systems cycleDefinition of SDLC:System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - a methodology used to develop, maintain, and replace information systems. The stages in the SDLC are: Analysis, Design, Development, Integration and Testing, Implementation•The stages of the systems cycleFeasibility study- Feasibility study is usually carried out by a team of people with experience in information systems techniques, with knowledge of the type of system being proposed and who are skilled in systems analysis and design. The team will be responsible for determining whether the benefits of the proposed system can justify the costs involved in developing it. For example, a company may decide to introduce accounting system include sales invoice, so that when company customers buy goods, a sale invoice sent from company to request payment from the buyer, and that can lead to improve the company efficiencyAnalysis-If the feasibility study produces a good report, the next stage, is making a detailed analysis of the current system. The systems analyst will investigate all aspects of the current system:•what services are being offered•how they are being performed•how well they are done•what staff are involved and the nature of their involvement•what is lacking in the system•How the system can be improvedFinding the answers to these questions requires the analyst to talk to all the people involved in using the current system, from employees to managers and directors. This will often involve the use of questionnaires as well as interviews with employees. Then the analyst will be starting to form views on how the new system should work in order to solve the problems with the current system.DesignThis stage involves identifying the inputs to the system (what they are and how they are to be captured), and the outputs from the system, such as reports, invoices, bills and statements. All this information will be written down in the form of reports, tables and diagrams. Such diagrams as data flow diagrams will be used to show how the overall system is. The system designers will also provide detailed specifications on what the software is required to do so that programmers in the next stage will have a clear idea of what they are expected to produceImplementation-In this stage, the system designers will put in the new system, installing and setting up software, creating data files and training people to use the system.Testing-Before the system is put fully into action, all aspects of it must be tested, not just the software that has been developed. User with no experience with system will often be used to test the system after they have been given some appropriate trainingMaintenance-The maintenance involves making changes to...

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