Systems Built To Solve: Global Priorities

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Many Global issues are not being solved due to lack of resource. Several organizations exist to help solve different global issues today. Government agencies also play a strong role in helping to solve global crises. Unfortunately, even with help from the government and organizations several severe worldwide issues are very apparent. Although organizations and the government are attempting to solve the global issues, they need to find a clear process to collaborate and solve one issue at a time.
Several organizations exist to help with the prevention and cures for HIV and AIDS. A few of the HIV and AIDS organizations are, UNAIDS, APLA (Aids Project Los Angeles), and WHO (World Health Organization). These organizations are all working to reach a common goal in finding a cure for AIDS. Responding to the AIDS Epidemic notes that, “As of September 2005, 1400 individuals in eight states remain on waiting lists for HIV medications” (Karch30). Many people all over the world are being put on waiting lists or being refused medication they cannot live without. The AIDS epidemic is taking many lives worldwide. Bjorn Lomborg discusses that, “AIDS is the number one global crisis”(Sets Global Priorites). With only 27 billion dollars over 28 million cases of AIDS would be prevented. Although 27 billion dollars seems like an extremely high cost the benefits would be almost forty times as high.
The government plays a strong role in the amount of money donated to AIDS relief. The article titled “Funding for the AIDS epidemic” states that, “Around half of total global funding disbursed in 2009 for the AIDS epidemic was provided by donor governments. This money is usually given in the form of bilateral donations, i.e. donations straight from one government to another”. The government plays a strong role in trying to solve global crises such as AIDS. “PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) is an umbrella for all the existing HIV/AIDS related funding being provided by the American government”(Funding for Aids).Even with the current amount of government support, the current system of attempting to solve global issues is not producing enough results.
The results of cuts in spending are affecting how much is spent on prevention to global crisis including AIDS. The article “Belt tightening cannot apply to AIDS” argues, “with a lack of funding many will not receive any treatment at all in their fight against aids”. Even though treatment for aids exists many will not receive any treatment without receiving any financial support. In 2010, international funding for HIV and Aids control was cut for the first time in 10 years. “We need to spend more not less. Treatment levels had soared in just five years to reach 6.6 million people sick enough to need the drugs. But there are 7.6 million individuals who need those medicines and are not getting them” (Belt tightening). If funds continue to be cut then many people will die due to lack of AIDS treatment.

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