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T. Coraghessan Boyle's The Love Of My Life Passage Analysis

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That thing in the Dumpster--and he refused to call it human, let alone a baby--was nobody's business but his and China's. That's what he'd told his attorney, Mrs. Teagues, and his mother and her boyfriend,and he'd told them over and over again: I didn't do anything wrong. Even if it was alive, and it was, he knew in his heart that it was, even before the state prosecutor represented evidence of blunt-force trauma and death by asphyxiation and exposure, it didn't matter, or shouldn't have mattered. There was no baby. There was nothing but a mistake, a mistake clothed in blood and mucus. When he really thought about it, thought it through on its merits and dissected all his mother's pathetic arguments about where he'd be today if she'd felt as he did when she was pregnant herself, he hardened like a rock, like sand turning to stone under all the pressure the planet can bring to bear. Another unwanted child in an overpopulated world? They should have given him a medal. (623)

In T. Coraghessan Boyle's "The Love of My Life", passage above, we begin to see that there is no regret for the choices made by the characters. Jeremy whose voice we hear in the passage can't even refer to his child as something human. Jeremy views his and china's creation as an IT and he can't seem to grasp the concept that he has done something immoral and wrong. Mistakes are made by many couples and they most likely will choose to deal with them without any outside help some problems need other. Problems begin when the people in the relationship forget to realize when to draw the line and focus on what is truly important, which unfortunately to them might not always be the other person relationship or the relationship itself. When a problem arises and there is a need to make a decision it is not always the easiest decision to make because when two people are in love, especially when they are young, they forget about the outside world revolving around them. The easy decision would be to ignore the problem and only focus on each other. When two people love each other they can't let their idea of happiness ruin their lives by ignoring a mistake they made.

The story begins with two high school students, Jeremy and China and how much they loved each other. They were inseparable, ""I love you," he told her, because he did, because there was no feeling like this, no triumph, no high--it was like being immortal and unconquerable, like gloating. And a hundred times a day she said it too. (613)" the two decide to take a trip and go camping after graduation. At this point in the story we are focusing on Jeremy and China's relationship and how strong it seems. We do however notice their naivety in there actions, particularly after they run out of condoms and still...

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