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T Mobile Essay

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T-mobile is a leader in Hungary compared to the other providers, since
it has existed the longest in Hungary and the other two providers are the

Brief history of the company

The begining

The company was found in 1989 by the american U.S. WEST and the
Hungarian Telecommunications Corporation. Its first company name was
Westel telefon Ltd.. This company introduced an entirely new type
of phone, which can be used for telecomunication at any place from
home. It is true that in the beginning, very few people lived with
this opportunity. There were two basic reasons for this: the narrow
endowment (practically only in Budapest), and the extremely high
price, which was over quarter million forints.

Westel took a great part in the evolvement of the tele-infrastructure
which is indespensable for the market economy. Their phones made
thousands of businessmen become mobile, and these businessmen were
those people who started to transform the domestic economical

It was also true that the evolution couldn’t immediately follow the
needs and demands. It took almost four years to finish the
establishment of the nationwide mobile phone network. To operate a
network like this, needed technical backgroung had to be insured. This
technical bacground was oferred and given by Ericsson.

In 1994 the Westel 900 GSM was estabilished, which offered digital
mobile services besides the previously introduced analog system. The
spreading of the network was extremely fast. First the GSM network
existed in the main cities of every shire, and than they estabilished
the services next to the M1 and the M7 highways. Later on about 900
towns were covered with the network. It was an important momentum at
this time that GSM phones were sold in foreign countries also, thanks
to the european standards, but they can only be used with those sim
cards which were bought in Hungary. Until the middle of 1996, three or
four people out of a hundred used a mobile phone. By this time, Westel
900 had more than 130.000 subscibers. The company also received the
National Quality Prize in this year, and with this they were the first
ones to receive an award like this amongst the today operating
telecommunication companies.

In 1997 Westel announced that their subrcribers were able to send sms
messages to the users ofdifferent domestic mobile service companies.
In september, the first issue of the company’s vivid (color) magazine
were sold everywhere around the country. The name of this magazine
used to be Westel Talsok but due to the latest changes it is
called simply Talsok. A while later, westel started to produce
the different kinds of re-fillable sim cards (Domino Cards) , which
helped the people not to pass limits, so to say keeping controll over
their expences. At the end of this year, more than 360.000 people were
using the services of the company.

From 1998 westel was focusing totally on the new millenium. All...

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