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T.P. Essay

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Toilet Paper Roll Every time I walk into a bathroom my eyes are always drawn to the same thing, the toilet paper roll. I check each time I enter a restroom to see whether the person who put the roll on actually took time to think about how to put it on or just merely threw it on any old way. To my dismay, I often find that people don't think about what they are doing when they put the toilet paper on the roll. If more people took the time to think about how the toilet paper would best serve its purpose while on the roll they would undoubtedly place the roll with the paper coming over the top. Not only does the roll look tidier this way; it is also much more accessible and handy.Just think of how toilet paper on the roll should look. When you think of it, isn't the paper is rolling over the top and hanging nicely a few inches below the roll? I mean, when was the last time you saw a commercial where the toilet paper is rolling behind the roll down the wall? Well maybe that is because the people making the commercial thought about how the roll could best serve its purpose and still maintain a clean, tidy look. Now think of how a roll looks when it rolls behind the roll and down the wall. The problem with this is that the end of the paper is hidden and I can't see it plainly like I could if the position of the roll were reversed. Also, I am not sure how the end is torn. Did the tear follow the perforated line that it was supposed to follow or did the tear run awry into another unused yet now ruined square of toilet paper? Now when the position of the roll is reversed, I can plainly see how the tear is made because it is right there in front of my face. And if the tear does begin to get off line I can easily adjust to save the unused square and leave the toilet paper with a nice clean edge thus leaving the condition of the bathroom untainted.Now that I have explained the aesthetic value of positioning the roll with the paper rolling over the top, let's look a little into the utility of the roll. Let's look first at how many people obtain their portion of paper from the roll. Some people grab a hold of the end and gently pull it until they have their desired portion. Others take a certain number of squares of...

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