T1: Children And Young People’s Development.

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John Bowlby’s attachment theory has had a huge influence on practice. “His work on maternal separation, attachment, and loss...has profoundly influenced practice”, Pedder, (2010:p130). Bowlby’s attachment theory talks about how important it is for a child to have a primary caregiver and how a child need’s to have a strong bond with their main carer. From Bowlby’s research and theory there has been a great influence on policies and practice as, has been stressed how important it is to provide children with the best possible care whilst in the child care setting and a key worker system has been brought into practice. At my placement, for every child there is a key worker, who as well as working with individual children also, work alongside the child’s parents and/or careers to guide them on how to aid their children’s development at home. The key worker is also there for the parents to come and speak to if they have any concern or queries about their child and their progression. Also at placement, for each child we have an assessment book in which all; observations, targets, assessments and activities the child has taken part on are recorded so that practitioners and parents or/careers have an understanding of the child’s level and potential. All the activities that we do with the children are based on our observations and taken from the EYFS from which we assess at what stage the child is at to ensure that all the developmental stages are catered for and that every child can achieve its full potential. We make sure to plan different activities to ensure every child’s needs are met for instance, water play, sand play and phonics.
The key worker is there for the child to form a bond with outside the family, “extending their attachment beyond the family circle”, Beith, (2012:p154) and who is always there to comfort and reassure the child when the child is distressed, confused or are longing for their parents. The key person also has to get to know the child’s parents and family well-enough in order to be able to provide information from setting to home and vice versa and in order to gain the trust. “Key workers must have a healthy, professional relationship with their key children’s families in order to make sure that they know as much as possible about the child”, Taylor, (2013) and will understand the child better which will allow better interaction between them. The key person has to form a good attachment with the child in order to provide affectionate care such as a cuddle. At my placement when a new child arrives; the child is first introduced to their key worker who helps the child to settle in the new setting. We value the importance of the key worker as we believe that a child should receive continuous care. At my setting the key worker attends every day to support the child in their development and assess their progress, as well communicating the child’s progression to parents as this allows parents to talk directly to their child’s key...

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