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OverviewOur company has decided to go with the T1 dedicated voice system for our companies communication needs and for companies considering the many alternatives for long distance service, there are two main formats commonly used to transmit long distance voice traffic. The most ubiquitous form of long distance calling is the switched call. These calls originate from regular POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines and are routed through the local telephone company's central switch. Dedicated long distance is transmitted over a digital T1 line from the customer's location through the local telephone company's central office - but not through the switch - where it connects directly to the carrier's voice network. This direct connection to the carrier allows for considerably lower per minute rates but because the carrier charges a monthly fee for the T1 line, the volume of calls must be great enough to produce a savings. Since we will have a high volume of calls the saving will be beneficial to our company. This information was gathered at: www.T1-T3-DS1-Line.comKEY FEATUREST1 or Trunk Level 1, is a digital transmission link with a total signaling speed of 1.544 Mbps. Since the development of T1 in 1957 by AT&T's Bell Labs, it has become the building block of dedicated voice and data service in North America. T1, also know as DS1, is part of a progression of digital transmission pipes - a hierarchy known generically as DS, or Digital Signal Level. This information was gathered at: www.T1-T-3-DS1-Line.comT1 service can be delivered to the end user in either a channelized format or an unchannelized raw bit stream. North American carriers typically deliver T1 split into 24 56/64 kbps channels. These channels can be used to transmit voice (typically one conversation per channel) or data across a network. A T1 alone provides no services to a location, only a means of getting those services from the network into your office. For example, should a location require a dedicated T1 for Internet access, you would have to pay both the T1 charge (commonly known as the "loop" charge) and the Internet access port charge; this is the cost of the throughput into the Internet. These charges often make the cost of a Trunk Level 1 line considerably higher than a DSL line. Voice T1 lines are priced by distance from the carrier's POP (Point-of-Presence) to the central office that the customer is served out of. These T1 lines range from $100 to $500 per month depending on location and proximity to the carrier's network. A full long distance T1 is not the same as an Internet T1 line and is used only for long distance voice communications. However, if you do not require a full T1 (24 voice channels) for long distance or a full Internet T1 line (1.544Mbps) it is possible to split it into two parts. This is commonly referred to as integrated service. Typical T1 configurations...

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