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T3: Safeguarding The Health, Safety And Well Being Of Children And Young People

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The theory which contributes to the theme is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which talks about “a positive environment and positive relationships are an important part of supporting every child or young person’s needs”, Taylor Et al, (2012:p13). Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is most often displayed as a pyramid. As people progress up the pyramid, needs become increasingly psychological and social. Maslow talks about children’s safety needs and how they need to feel security. “Maslow placed a real importance on ensuring that children have their basic needs met before they can learn”, Taylor Et al, (2012; p40). Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, is relevant to safeguarding the health, safety and ...view middle of the document...

Each child is recognised and valued as an individual, “treat them as individuals and make them feel respected and valued as an essential part of our commitment to safeguarding children, young people”, LSCB, (2013:p5). Being accepted is what all children want, and it is another need on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, “Belongingness and Love: affiliate with others, be accepted”, Huitt, (2007).So providing children with the provision of equality, diversity and inclusive practice, children and young people are able to fulfil this need and move on to the next need.
Children are taught that you should not be prejudice against a certain group or society that is different to theirs. All children are given the opportunity to take part in all activities as, well as their parents and these activities reflect different cultures and societies. Children are also taught that regardless of what your culture or the group you belong to is no child or family should have to suffer any form of abuse or unjustly treatment. Every child has rights and this is made clear to all children through books and pictures, posters and via the teacher. Having activities on different cultures helps children to learn that they are part of the world and it gives them the opportunity to get the most out of life. We avoid stereotyping and provide children with positive images through different materials such as books, puzzles, computer and board games in which they display black people, women and the disabled as all equal.
The aspects of my learning that could improve my future practise are; Being able to understand situations that may cause or lead to harm, having the ability to understand the role of different agencies and how important multi-agencies working together is in safeguarding children and young people. Through my learning from experiences at placement, I am capable of reflecting on my own behaviour as a good role model and can establish relationships that support children and young people and supporting them to communicate their views. I have learnt how to role model good practice around safeguarding children’s well-being and empowering...

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