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Ta Checking Essay

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Library Assignment

Communication and media technologies online journal was where I found most of my articles. The online journal provided me with topics ranging from digital media to information systems used for communication of people groups or individuals. Key themes noticed throughout my articles include but are not limited to; Journalism, traditional monopoly’s in media, media and its affect on our daily life, networking, technologies impact on our ability to communicate, political communication, framing, contextualization, public relations and how politics utilize the media to either dictate or record positive and negative responses to political presentations. Major themes include, advertising, political communication, selective exposure, information’s technologies, and interpersonal communication utilizing technologies.

Some interesting topic possibilities for my paper would include, social networking sites and the youth that use them incessantly. Another would be how selective exposure within political communication affects voting. Lastly, public relations and how politics utilize social media to drive their campaign.

The information age has created a shift within the context of media consumption. The technological revolution has changed the way the public gets its news and information from what is called “Traditional journalism.” This paper will look deeply into new media, journalism and technology in order to better the reader’s knowledge and understanding of current media communication technologies.

Keywords: Journalism, digital technologies, information technology, traditional monopoly, media.

In this article author Sueila discusses the created community in the world of social networking amongst youth. From Facebook to there gaming system, kids are getting together, creating community and new cultures based on what we consider “Digital media influence.” The study took place in Brazil, where the most accessible means of communication is a mobile phone. The title, “Digital inclusion or Digital Divide” is in reference to internet accessibility which is quite low due to socioeconomic, educational, and demographic...

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