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In today’s technology marketplace, PDAs are obsolete. However, one device that has replaced the PDA is the tablet computer. The tablet computer is a powerful learning tool. Students may use tablets to manage their schoolwork, communicate, conduct research, take notes, create multi-media projects, and practice skills. They are highly portable and apps available for every learning need. A computer tablet is defined as, “A general-purpose computer contained in a single panel. Its distinguishing characteristic is the use of a touch screen as the input device.” (Encyclopedia, n.d.)
This initial pilot is required to assess the tablet functionality, the systems used to manage the care, ...view middle of the document...

Battery life is 10 hours. It has a 1.5 GHz processor, 8 GB of internal storage, and dual band Wi-Fi. It does not include a built in camera, but does have Dolby speakers. Amazon also includes Whispercast, a free service for managing device registration, Internet access, and content across devices (Kindle Fire, n.d.).
The goal of this program is to determine if tablets are viable learning tools for the school as well has provide vital information for expanding the program across the school towards a 1:1 initiative. With the low cost, a user-friendly interface, and research that shows improved learning outcomes, tablets are a classroom resource that should be seriously considered (Logan, March 13, 2013).
Four key classroom activities tablet devices support. First up is content consumption. Content is accessed directly via the device with the option to link to
Tablet Proposal, 3
additional resources, look-up definitions, and annotate. Second is research. Textbooks, Internet sources, teacher lectures and notes support learning. The third activity is creation of projects. Students may synthesize content and research in order to produce a variety of projects from multi-media presentations to music mash-ups. Finally, students may use the tables to connect. They may create electronic portfolios, write blogs, or collaborate in discussion forums (Barseghian, 2013, August).
Tablets are an ideal way for teachers to introduce and begin to integrate technology into their practice. Through experimentation, teachers begin the process of discovering different teaching strategies and uses for the tablet. This is possible due to the tablet’s ease of use and the vast variety of educational applications available. Professional learning communities provide support, resources, and inspiration to teachers with access to tablets...

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