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The American Discovery trail, also known as the ADT, was founded in 1989 by the American Hiking Society. (HikaNation). It is 6,800 miles long, runs through 15 states, and goes coast to coast. There are continuous paths for adventurers of all types. The trail welcomes horseback riders, cross country skiers, cyclists, hikers and of course backpackers. Anyone planning to hike the ADT from beginning to end should set aside around 14-16 months. Some can finish sooner or later depending on their level of fitness. For anyone wanting to hike through beautiful land, see historical landmarks and say they completed one of the 16 Millennium Trails; the American Discovery Trail is the experience for them.
The history of the trail is relatively limited since the ADT is fairly young, only around 20 years old. Three volunteer hikers were chosen by the American Hiker Society to test the American Discovery Trail for the first time. They projected the trail to take around 8 months to complete, taking into consideration their higher level of fitness and expertise from similar trails. However, they completed their hike in 14 months; proving the ADT to be more challenging than previously expected. The trail runs through 15 states: Delaware, Maryland (and Washington, DC), West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California.(HikaNation). The ADT also follows historic routes like the Pony Express and the Santa Fe Trail. (HikaNation). There was actually a horseback rider by the name Matt Parker who completed the trail after a little over two years. He began the ride in May of 2003 and finished in November of 2005. In 2000, the Whites House declared that the American Discovery trail was to be included as one of the 16 Millennium Trails. Besides the the brief yet exciting history, many people are interested in the American Discovery trail because of the famous points of interest one would witness along the way.
As previously stated, the trail runs from coast-to-coast. There are many exciting landmarks hikers have the ability to visit throughout their journey. For instance, the trail runs through 376 miles in California and leads adventurers past the Golden Gate Bridge, the Sacramento Zoo, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and the Watson Monument. (discoverytrail). It also covers an astounding 1,153 miles in Colorado where people can see the US Olympic Headquarters & Training Center; Mt. Elbert, highest mountain in Colorado at 14,433 feet; Mt. Princeton Hot Springs and the Garden Of The Gods. (discoverytrail). A much smaller portion of the trail goes through Delaware, covering only 44.6 miles. Hikers will still see landmarks like the Historic towns of Lewes and Milton and the Zwaanendael Museum. (discoverytrail). The ADT also travels 226 miles in Maryland, passing through historical sites such as Harpers Ferry, Antietam Battlefield, Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Historic Georgetown. (discoverytrail). In order to...

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