Tactical Games Model: A Practical Approach To Skill Development

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The Tactical Games Model is a form of instruction in Physical Education courses that the teacher uses to incorporate sport related activities and small games into their lesson plan to improve students' experiences in sports games and tactical awareness provided from them. The purpose of having the Tactical Games Model in physical education courses are to help students learn the basics of a sports game, like soccer or basketball, and let them figure out, through experience, the ways to improve themselves in a setting where their actions will be critical to their teams victory, as well as help learn what their strengths and weaknesses are themselves and self-improve afterwards. Throughout sport, any game comes down to tactical strategy that two competitive teams have to use to gain the advantage over their opponents to win their game. The basic foundation to any game is the tactics one uses to gain advantage over competitors, and students will be able to learn a lot about themselves, and their peers, when using these tactics to work for eachother, and themselves, throughout a match.
A great game to use as an example on how tactical games models should be used to benefit your students is soccer. The general set-up that a physical education teacher should use is:
1. Game One
2. Questions & Answers - (Students and yourself)
3. Situated Practice - Ex. 3v3 possession drills
4. Game 2

This plan helps students realize self-awareness in soccer that could help improve themselves as well as help benefit the team all together. Game one introduces the students to the rules of the game, and the foundation of how the game is played, like you use your feet to kick the ball, you pass between eachother to kick the ball into the net to score a goal, you defend between your opponents to help try and stop conceding goals. These rules are very basic, the foundation of the game is as well, and teams of 3 or 4 students can quickly associate eachother into their own tactics. After the first game is played, the teacher should ask them what their strengths and weaknesses are about themselves as well as a team. Students could learn to improve on their weaknesses, as well as use their strengths to help them work as an individual to benefits themselves and their team. This process gives them self-awareness as well as team-awareness which could benefit them on and off the pitch. Thirdly, the physical education instructor should provide different sorts of drills to help improve their students on different parts of the game. An example of self-improvement throughout the game could be 3v3 passing drills; two teams of three students would have to pass eachother the ball within a confined space, a square of plastic cones, and this will help benefit the use of students' teammates to communicate to help themselves remain possession throughout the drill. These drills could help students realize what they have been lacking throughout their game, individual skills and team-based...

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