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Axe is a company with a scented line of products aimed at pleasing young males in society. They began with a cologne line and have since expanded to include a plethora of affordable products such as their wide variety of soaps, shampoos, and deodorants which have earned them a handsome customer base that keep coming back for more. Every product they have on the market promises that beautiful young women will be more attracted to them as a result of its use. One such product is TAG Body Spray; this ad for TAG is right on target for reaching those average young males who feel they are in need of a little extra help with the ladies. By using relatable models, humor, and its well-known promise that it will magically make the wearer desirable to the opposite sex, it effectively appeals to the intended audiences’ need to be entertained and fought over by the female population.
The first noticeable thing about the ad is the word “WARNING” in bold red type, which is the largest font on the page and sits dead center. Below that, a small disclaimer-like message in all capital letters that reads, “The makers of new TAG Body Spray will not be held liable should any girl-on-girl-on-girl-on-girl-on-girl-on-girl-on-guy action occur. Please carry card below at all times.” Behind this “Warning” is a young average looking guy being “attacked” in a gym setting by attractive young females, a volleyball team judging by their uniforms and the net in the background. It is obvious that although the young man is struggling to break free, he is in no danger. His smile as they rip at his clothing tells a story of excitement in regard to his “plight.” Down in the bottom right corner the “card” in question –a little piece of paper meant to be cut out by the consumer— comes into view, it bares the title “Emergency Contact Information” below that is instructions for any would be first responders “If I am critically injured in a TAG related pile-on, please notify my buddy, ________ at (___) _________.” Right under this in parenthesis it adds “(He’ll think it’s hilarious).” Finally at the bottom of the card is the “TAG” logo along with “Consider Yourself Warned” in all capitals. To the immediate right of the card is a huge can of TAG Body Spray which contains the scent, “midnight”. In the fine print at the very bottom of the ad, to the left is the company website “www.ConsiderYourselfWarned.com,” and to the right a disclaimer that reads “Introducing TAG Body Spray for Men. Uniquely designed to attract the ladies.”
The copy begs every reader’s attention with the huge “warning” plastered across its center, one would assume that something scary or dangerous would follow, but after reading the warning, it becomes evident that it is merely an amusing teaser. The humor coupled with the prospect of “girl-on-girl-on-…guy action” keeps the target audience hooked. Including an...

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