Tagging The Fuse In The Import Business Circuit

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Import business in the current scenario, seems to have found its own ground here, on Indian soil. It hasn't yet struck the right cord with a few segments but then convention has always been the norm and competes with radical dynamism to form the envisioned fabric outlining a nation’s approach. An aversion to change then, is predictable... unless of course it is able to steadily manifest itself in the pulse of the nation. Monotony and mediocrity are two attributes of this pulse that are more often than not dreaded and denied to the point of obscurity but are nevertheless, the harbours where insecurity regarding adaptability takes refuge. What we have here is a practice that exemplifies a wide-spectrum influence, not only on the country’s economy via GDP and GNP, but also zeroes down to an individual in more ways than one...

Steering towards the more practical aspects, importing has, owing to traditional practise, mostly been a mere alternative for companies to provide a wider product portfolio, allowing the general population to access global products while simultaneously cashing-in on an emerging trend in the rising Indian economy.

Over the years, with a sudden spurt in globalization, the import business has revolutionized itself and is evidently here to stay, though it’s debatable whether for better or worse… It certainly challenged the previously booming business network of domestic industries, which now cannot afford to wash off its hands in an effort to resist the change. Stiff competition between the two has ceased to be a possibility and is almost a reality. The irony though, is that neither seems to be flourishing here, key reasons being lack of balance in Trade laws and taxation in the industrial countries, accompanied by erroneous strategies adopted by the government and concerned authorities.

Most systems in India, ranging from judicial to administrative, project the laxity so inherent in most public sector posts; even to the extent that they seem to have been tailor made to afford convenience. It is no surprise then, that we are trapped in a tangled mess of ‘illusionary’ guidelines. Illusionary would at best address the issue because reading between the lines in case of most regulations would periodically render them only remotely applicable. That is to say if we do wish to pay any due attention to the practical implications. It seems getting down to the brass tracks wasn’t really on the list of their priorities. Therefore, to say the least, import of goods produced for the masses from developed countries often works out cheaper than domestically produced goods, but here, the domestic industry suffers and consequently hinders the economic progress of any developing...

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