Tagore's Philosophy Influenced By India Scriptures And Western Thoughrts

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Tagore’s philosophy was very much influenced by the India scriptures like the Gita and the Upanishads. However he was also very much influenced by the western classical and modern educational thoughts, he synthesized the ancient Vedantic tradition with the modern scientific attitude in formulating the goal of education. Tagore’s system of education also emphasizes the intellectual, physical, social, moral, economic and spiritual aspects of human life. By which a man can develop an integrated personality. The goals of education are as follows:
(1) Self Realization: Spiritualism is the essence of humanism; this concept has been reflected in Tagore's educational philosophy. Self-realization is an important aim of education. Manifestation of personality depends upon the self-realization and spiritual knowledge of individual.
(2) Intellectual Development: Tagore condemned the traditional system of education, in which books and examinations are held important, in which child does not have incentive to think and to assimilate what he had learned. According to him, education should encourage imagination, creative & free thinking, constant curiosity and alertness of the mind rather than mere memory or sorting information about facts which are unrelated. Child should be free to adopt his own way learning which will lead to all round development.
(3) Physical Development: Tagore wanted, through educational, to have children who are healthy and physically well developed and who have keen senses. He thought that there was an inseparable bond between physical and mental faculties. Education of body in the real sense, according to him, does not consists in play and exercise, but in applying the body systematically to do some useful work. That’s why yoga, games & sports and useful activities are also as an integral part of the education system in Santiniketan.
(4) Love for humanity: Tagore regarded that the entire universe is one family and only through education people can realize this fact. Education for international understanding and universal brotherhood is another important aim of his educational philosophy. The feeling of oneness can be developed through the concepts like fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man all creatures are equal on this earth.
(5) Freedom: Freedom is considered as a fundamental aspect of human development. According to Tagore, children should be brought up in an atmosphere of...

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