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Taiwan' S Tourism Industry Essay

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Taiwan is one of the beautiful islands located towards the Southeastern of china ( Stephen, 1999). It has a roughly population of more than 22 million people therefore, one of the most densely populated regions known in the world. Besides having the high population, its environment is considere to be natural and green, as from a distance several mountains are seen with lush forests. It has very beautiful scenic sites and high number of national parks. Initially, Taiwan was populated with indigenous tribes but presently, only a small portion of the tribes can be traced as more than 97% of the people are Han Chinese. Of this, the Taiwanese outnumber the mainlanders whose families fled from the mainland due to communist take over.Taiwan comprises of mainly, the Minnan speakers, Hakka speakers, Japanese speakers and other native languages. The Taiwan people are distinguishable from the the mainlanders (Hsiau & A-chin, 2005).
Taiwan has a marine tropical climate with the Northen experiencing rain throughout the year whereas the southern experiences dry winters. Most of the population is concentrated in the west coast which has plains and considered to be safe unlike the east cost that has high risk of typhoons.
Taiwan experiences a wide range of cultural activites that really form the beautifulness to intermingle with the locals. They as well share several taboos with the Asian nations, making it more compatible for the Asian people to visit Taiwan in large numbers. Taiwan also offers programs like exchange of agreements with other foreign universities, teaching the Mandarine language to the foreigners as well the writing systems. Martial arts is very rampant with majority of trhe visitors enjiying the art of Kung fu and other visual arts. All these practices greatly boost the tourism sector and enhance development and economical growth (Urry & John, 2003).
The Taiwan tourism industry is greatly booming every year as the percentage of tourists rise. According to the World Economic Forum’s survey, Taiwan is ranked fouth in Asia’s best tourist destinations implying that, its capability to handle and accommodate tourist is high and the returns are tangible. This trend is expected to rise in the furture tourism sector as Taiwan depicts the capability in developing sustainable tourism industry. On the same note, Taiwan’s security is guaranteed making it a secure place both at night and during the day (Yates & Stephen, 1999).
Taiwan is a greater exporter of a wide range of electronic devices, creating a consistent flow of cash from foreign exchange. The international trade provides a large source of income and empolyment opportunies in all sectors. Purely, development is high where the ratio of employed civilians is higher than that of unemployed, thus, the rate of dependence is minimised.
The success of the tourism industry has been enhanced by the government,s policies to govern the tourism...

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